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Thread: Westlake references thread

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    Westlake references thread

    Inspired by hjames' "references threads", I've collected links related to Westlake, Eastlake and Hidley Design below. Please PM me if you want me to add something. (Just in case: Many Westlake speakers feature JBL drivers, and the Smith horn is essentially a modified JBL 2397, hence the "Lansing heritage". The common denominator between said three companies is the pioneer studio designer Tom Hidley.)

    Official Site

    Historically Related Sites

    Westlake Company Tour

    Custom Monitors



    Tower 12

    LC 8.1

    LC 6.75

    Electronic Crossover

    Smith Horn -- Background Info

    Smith Horn -- Pictures

    Smith Horn -- DIY (Westlake style only)

    Treble Horn

    JBL 2403

    JBL 244x Beryllium Diaphragms

    JBL 2122H

    TAD Drivers,00.html

    Gauss 3184


    Westlake Inspired DIY Systems
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