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Thread: Delos recordings by John Eargle

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    Delos recordings by John Eargle

    Hi All,

    I haven't had much to contribute lately, but I'd like to
    mention the Delos CDs recorded by John Eargle.
    Like most of you I was shocked by his passing
    given that many of us were listening to the Everest
    CD and leafing through the JBL Story in the past
    couple of days.

    I first heard about Delos through Peter Aczel's
    'The Audio Critic' as he was a great fan of those
    recordings. That was 10 years ago before I knew
    of the Eargle/JBL connection.

    So I'd like to recommend a few of these CDs for
    their great sound (and solid performances):

    -- Engineer's Choice (DE 3506). Similar in concept
    to the Everest CD.
    -- Bartok/Dohnanyi (DE 3095)
    -- David Diamond Sym.1/Vio Con 2 (DE 3119)
    -- King of Instruments (DE 3503). This is the organ
    equivalent of the Everest CD.
    -- Catherine Crozier at Grace Cathedral (DE 3090)
    A great organ recital (you need sub 30 Hz response
    to get the full treatment).

    And, for those of you who think your speakers
    can handle symphonic bass drums, give this a try:

    -- Hovhaness: mount st. helen's symphony (DE 3137)
    The third movement depicts the eruption. It' s scary.

    Lastly, while listening to the Everest CD just last night,
    I ordered the Popper/Starker and Kreisler/Kavakos CDs.


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    Thanks Steve for the recomendations I will have try a couple of them out.


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    Honored Colleagues,

    Mr. Eargles recordings of the Seattle Symphony rank among the best. There are many to choose from, but I really like the Wagner music he recorded with Gerry Schwartz conducting. A fabulous performance, and a fabulous recording.

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