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    Charge Coupled Networks

    This post will hopefully bring all interested parties up to date on the efforts of producing the new Networks that many of you have been emailing me about. I have not done a very good job keeping everyone abreast of what's going on and maybe some are starting to lose faith in ever seeing these networks.

    Patience is not one of my virtues and in fact I'm not sure the word is even in my dictionary. You'de think at my age I would have found some somewhere. Fact is this project has been in the works for some time. I started working with Giskard near a year and a half ago, for networks related to my custom 4351 project. In that time he has done literally a ton of R&D work to make these networks the best possible.

    Our first goal was to produce a "Better Than Factory" modern version of the 3155. I supplied him with a complete set of 4355 components and he started doing his thing. Keep in mind that he surely seeks to have some sort of family life and has a demanding day job too. Like most of us here on the forum, he's building these in his spare time (anyone know what that is?)

    The developmental work on the 3155 version is complete and I have auditioned the first pair. The results were worth the wait. He is now completing several other pairs (first run) of 3155's and I will have them soon.

    The R&D work is also COMPLETE on the 3145 and parts are being ordered - no set time frame for completion yet but my new 4345's will get the first pair.

    Concurrent with production of the 3145's he will start making a CC version of the 3107 and parts will be on hand soon for that effort.

    For all who are asking what my involvement is in this whole process - To help Giskard focus on what he does best, I offered to do as much of the leg work as possible. To date I am trying to coordinate a list of all interested parties and take that hassle off his schedule. I am providing all of the mounting base boards and L-Pad mounting boards, properly drilled to mount into the desired cabinet, and have purchased and provided properly color codes wiring for the harnesses. In doing this he then is ready to mount components and do his testing on the finished product. I think it has worked out well.

    Currently the plans are to build three different networks - 3145, 3155 and 3107. All of these are being built to bolt in to their respective cabinets as direct replacements - no modification necessary - take the old ones out and install the new.

    Those who are interested in using them in other systems will face the challenge of bringing the component configuration up to that of the desired network. Many of you are involved in upgrading your 4343's to 4344/4345 so this won't really be a problem for you. The 3 networks being offered were chosen for their popularity and others beyond these selected three models would require specific R&D for that application, and are therefore outside the scope of this current endeavor.

    Options we have discussed for the 3107, 3145, 3155:

    1 - you choose and supply your own style of terminal binding posts

    2 - L-Pads mounted on a board or no L-Pads with fixed resistors in their place.

    3 - 3155 components mounted on 3107 boards for those who have upgraded their 4350's to 4355 component configuration. One L-Pad for the 2405 and a fixed resistor in place of the 2441 L-Pad to avoid having to modify the baffle.

    4 - I spent a big chunk of $$$ having Foil Cals made to place over the terminals on the back of the boards. These duplicate the nomenclature printed on the terminal side of the factory 3145 and 3155. Available at extra cost to anyone interested.

    5 - etc. etc. as long as the basic circuitry and physical configuration stays the same.

    To all who have sent PM's asking about the networks, I have not forgotten about you - Ian, Fangio, Heather, others. At this point I would ask all interested buyers to PM me once again with your specific needs/desires. I have taken a few deposits already (no we're not paying interest on it) and I will let you know when the networks are done and the balance is due.

    With the R&D work now out of the way it is expected that production will move along at a fair rate.

    That's all I know!!!


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    I spent a big chunk of $$$ having Foil Cals made to place over the terminals on the back of the boards. These duplicate the nomenclature printed on the terminal side of the factory 3145 and 3155. Available at extra cost to anyone interested.
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