Q: What is this (fill in the blank)? ...which might more appropriately be...
Where can I find info on (fill in the blank)?

A: Have you looked in the Library? It's awkward to search through, but many items are there.
A: " " " " " Technical Reference Section?
A: jblpro.com, jbl.com, altecpro.com, alteclansingunofficial.nlenet.net
A: Is it Lansing (JBL or old-Altec) related? if not, you can ask (and might get a knowledgable
answer), but there are generic audio forums elsewhere.

Q: OK, how do I use the search function?

A: http://audioheritage.org/vbulletin/s...ad.php?t=11392

Q: How much is this worth?

A: Ebay is a good indicator of current monetary value. Just because it says JBL or Altec
on it doesn't magically transform it into a pile of gold (automatically ).

Q: Should I recone or refoam?

A: Probably. If you can't tell, perhaps someone here
can give you a referral to a local professional.

Q: I have a set of speaker drivers, can you help me design a speaker system?

A: Do some homework, put your ideas out there... you'll no doubt get opinions
along with some useful information. It's up to you to sort it out.

Q: Should I modify my crossover?

A: Is it broken? Might you be better off with a different system?
There are some documented success stories within.

Q: What (fill in the blank) are best?

A: The one's you installed in your modified (fill in the blank).

Q: What's the best JBL speaker?

A: The model you like the best.

Q: I have stuff for sale, who wants to buy it?

A: Specify a price or "make me an offer" and ask for responses via PM
(expect low offers)
State if/when sold or no longer for sale (for whatever reason).


(OK, this is a bit tongue-in-cheek, but is there a place for something like this that
could be appended to now & then?)


Indeed... include all of the "stickies".