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Thread: Making an audio system....Complete

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    Making an audio system....Complete

    A while back I was on here asking about some speakers to make an altec system 5.1 system. Well now its done. A buddy and myself made and stained all the boxes to altex specs. All speakers shown are 418's and the drivers on the 511 and 811 are 808-8a and 806's. ( Not shown is an A8 with a 504 woofer and 806 driver)

    Well Its complete. Got it all done for smigg less than $1000.00. Its sounds amazing!!! and works wonderful with the surround. Thanks guys for all the help!!

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    Nice !

    - I particularly like the way the 511/418 combo looks .
    - That's a great look.
    - It reminds me of a Valencia on steriods .

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    That's a lot of sound for a grand. Congrats.

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