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    I have a job i`m working on and the system has Gauss XR 4582 15s.
    Can somebody let me know if possible what the Freq response of the Gauss XR 4582, 15 in mid bass driver is Thanks I have been told up to 2K can anyone confirm this or not
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    Beamy that high

    As the freq rises the size of the wavelength becomes smaller. As it approaches the width of the driver it becomes beamy= narrower projection of the sound making the usefulness of the driver limited. Most 15s" are not used that high even if can produce that freq for this reason.

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    From the vintage and crusty files.The Gauss 4582/4562 are 8 and 16 ohms respectivly,designed for horn loading applications and has an on-axis bandwidth (6db down) of 35-3500 hz.It lists a 400 watt power capacity.Free air resonance (fs) of 34 hz. X-Max of + or - .040 and + or- .165.Theil Smalls of Qms of 2.1,Qes of .24,Qts of .21 and Vas of 8.8 . Highest recomended crossover freq is 1200hz.Shorty welcome to the Forum but respectfully a post such as this should go in the Offtopic listing since it does not pertain to a JBL product.That is why the moderator (Don) was kind enough to create the Offtopic forum so that other audio items could be discussed without cluttering up the forums dedicated soley for JBL information.Perhaps this post could be moved to that Offtopic location?Hope this info helps,See you on the road.Best regards,Oldmics

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    yes, but

    he was considering putting these into some JBL rear loaded horn boxes! Even though their 16in frames wont fit as found out! he needed the info and I didnt have it! But you did! Only once in awhile!

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