They were presented last week end at the high end show in the PARIS, SOFITEL hotel (portes de Sèvres). I could not mess this evenement;

The auditorium was too large, but enough for the second system : SYNTHESIS.

The DD66000 were driven by a full Accuphase Set up I am not that sure, but it was looking like A60 + c2800+ dp500 and Siltech cables. The listening condition were not very good. Any way, a show is not the best place for listening...
They look massive, impressive. I am defenitively an addict.

The SYNTHESIS, was outstanding too ; incorporing 3 K2 S9800se in front, 6 SK2-1000 for surround, and 4 18" sub (JBL 2243). I let you imagine the king kong demo effects. All electronics were Synthesis/JBL, esxdcept the source (Blu Ray).

Then the hall was just presenting the array line, 1500, 1400, 1000, 800.

The Harman representant, tell us the the Evesrest pair, was the only one in Europ at the moment.... Oups, I forget our price : 60000 euros. It's a shame, they should push it to 66000