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Thread: Win an "Eargle On Everest" CD

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    I feel very honoured to be a winner of this cd. Mine arrived just in time to christern my 4345 cone. I feel a bit of a fraud, a wannabe. .You guy's know all about him . I'd never heard of him until I joined the forum. But , then again , thats the beauty of the forum," Learning". Maybe I'm supposed to have it . Its the only one in the UK from the raffle. I will need to read more about him . I smile when I imagine what he's listerning to up there. It is a brilliant piece of engineering . The 2245's love the cannons. Who cares about the neigbours. Its kind of like a 21 gun salute to Mr Eargle .A salute to the gifts he left his family, friends and ofcourse JBL. I'm sure he infected a few with his passion and commitment. Those few will continue his work and make him proud . He has left his gifts for many.


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    Richard, most of us are in the same boat. We didn't know him either. It is only through his music can we begin to understand his genius in putting these tracks together.

    I have read some of the literature here in the library on him,the 60 Year Anniverasry book by him,the words from people who knew him here and then to listen to his great music. Take all this together and you get a sense of the man.His love for music is explained well in this cd at least for me it is. I still can't get over the timing of it all.

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    Any extra CDs?

    I will donate to the EARGLE fund.

    I have paypal.

    Would love to hear this stuff on a pair of JBL 250TIs.

    Hope someone can help.


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    Bad idea, Storm.

    Offering a generous contribution to the Eargle fund might elicit a favorable response, however....

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    Just got my Eargle CD today and WOW!

    KingJames, Thank you!

    This CD really shines on the JBL 250TIs!


    And to think I wanted to get rid of these speakers. What was I thinking??? I suppose I wasn't.

    These speakers are keepers for sure.

    Wonder if the Valencias would have been able to keep up? --


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    John Eargles' Surprises

    Hi All,

    - I know that some of you who have this cd, own a few different speaker systems .

    - I also know that ( from time to time ) some of the musical info on this cd will "voice" ( or reveal ) itself better than at other times ( I usually find this after doing tweaks to my own system / & these changes are usually capacitor related ).

    - So, I'm wondering ( ignoring the cannons & bells on cut #1 ) / are there any tracks where the resolution of one system over another , is able to unmask certain "phantom" events that just aren't audible on a lesser system ?

    - I'd like to hear about any of your experiences in this area .

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