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Thread: Describe your HIFI -system

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    Senior Member Ian Mackenzie's Avatar
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    Apr 2003
    Yeah stop goofin around...

    Check this out, incandescent current sources..WOW

    And more in the treasure chest here

    and here


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    Originally posted by Ian Mackenzie
    Yeah stop goofin around...
    Um, it doesn't sound like I'm the one goofing around
    Bride of Zen?
    Sounds like someone has both hands in the bucket of goof balls
    Anyway... I'm just here for the pretzels...

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    Yeah - they've got a pretty weird naming convention. But I don't care, long as they sound good! Maybe Ian knows how Pass came about the names??

    Me? I like beer nuts.

    Ian - Do they have DIY's for the XA series? (I doubt it, but worth a try)

    BTW, I couldn't find a pic of Karen...

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    Senior Member Ian Mackenzie's Avatar
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    Ian - Do they have DIY's for the XA series? (I doubt it, but worth a try)

    Are you kidding? Been there done that.......playing with fire there Man. might steel her though....I'm watching now..
    ( I know she hates have her pic on show so I have toned it down a tad...also stop you over heating..muhahah).

    Traffic Report

    I received some parts for the new diy Jfet active crossover from Karen tonight...Purrrrrrrr....and a special delivery from Bo for the JBL Blue Paint this morning......WOW ...and the one and only JBL L pad knobs from our JBL Guru Giskard the other day.

    Thankyou all for your support.

    Its an exciting time over here are Macka's Juicy Mansions


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    Are you kidding? Been there done that.......playing with fire there Man.
    Whaddya mean? Too difficult a build, or ol' Nelson gets mad if you ask for his circuit design?

    Looks like your coming up roses on your JBL scavenger hunt. Lucky bum!

    And Karen? She could be my parts girl any time....

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    Tom Loizeaux
    (an update of my original, old post)
    Currently running:

    Sony consumer CD player
    Crown PSL-2 preamp into either...
    JBL Urei 6260 power amp into
    JBL 4312As (running full range) w/ JBL PB12 powered subwoofer
    Rane AC22 active crossover into
    Crown PS-200 & PS-400 power amps into
    JBL 4343s (bi-amped) (completely restored)

    standing by are:

    a pair of JBL 4320s and a pair of 4333Bs (completely restored)
    JBL 5235 crossover with assorted cards
    Crown FFX-2 active crossover
    several back-up Crown PS-400 & 200 amps, and several JBL Urei power amps
    numerous cabinets with JBL K140s, EVM 15 and Gauss speakers
    plus a number of assorted spare JBL and Altec drivers
    plus assorted vintage Fender and Sunn amps and digital recording gear
    and a collection of vintage Fender basses, etc.

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    Super Moderator Hofmannhp's Avatar
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    Dec 2003
    Central Germany

    my equipment

    living room (62sqm):

    Sansui CA 2000 (has to get changed)
    Sansui BA 2000 (has to get changed)
    Sony CDP 797
    Sansui TU 9000
    Onkyo TA 9900
    Revox A77
    DIY (built 1981) Turntable as black marble plate, belt drive, electronic controlled motor and SME 3009, Shure V15.
    Thorens TD 126, Ortofon OM5 (the DIY type sounds a lot better)
    JBL 4435

    living garage (55sqm):

    Crown Macrotech 2400
    Bose 1801
    Rane AC 23 Crossover
    JBL 5434 Crossover with 4435Card
    Yamaha C40 Preamp)
    Yamaha Tuner ?
    Sony CDP 77
    Altec Valencia Cabs with 2205, 2380, 2470 and DIY Lens, 2405 (my best sounding multipurpose system at this time)
    2 x 4530 JBL, 2 x 2395 lens, 2 x 2309 horn, 2 x 2402, 2 x 2397, 2 x 2441 with 2328.

    office (36sqm):

    4333B (DIY in the year 1980) with 2235, 2312, 2308, 2405 and a DIY Network. (sounds great)
    Marantz 2265b

    kids room:

    2 x Klipsch Heresy
    Marantz 2230

    on stock:

    Sony TA-E86b high end preamp (for sale next months)
    McIntosh MA 5100 (for sale when finished with restauration)
    1 x Klipschhorn
    2 x Klipsch spare drivers K 55M (for sale)

    as you saw perhaps in the forum (maxwedge thread with sub/mid box)
    4 way monitor with 2240H, 2202, 2402 and the above listed 2395 with 2441 (looking for 2343 horns.....)
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    Cincinnati Ohio
    Similar to the Dog, but my wifey has to suffer! L300's McIntosh 2255 amp, McIntosh C-37 preamp, Sony ES cd, Technics turntable. Aural Thrills interconnects. Hers-McIntosh 6200 integrated, Denon CD, Jubals. 15 yr. old-Crown DC300A, Carver 26 pre amp tuner, L-!00's. 13yr old- Carver 26, Crown DC150AOC, some 3 way JBL's [radience series?] being redone with rebuilt LE10A's and??

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    Living Room has JBL Sovereign Speakers and McIntosh 240 Tube amplifier and McIntosh C-11 Tube Preamp, Luxman Turntable w. Shure V-15 Cartridge, Technics 1506 Reel To Reel, Pioneer Elite Laserdisc/DVD/CD Player and Sony Wega 36 inch XBR Flat Screen T.V., and back walls have Altec Flamencos.

    Bedroom has JBL Viscount Speakers and Marantz Model 8 Tube Amp and Marantz Model 7 Preamp, Garrard 301 Turntable, and Xbox that has great playack on Games, DVD's, and CD music.

    And eventually I will have a family room that will accomodate the Altec Magificent home version A-7 Speakers I now have in storage.

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    My System

    Main System (the one the wife uses):

    McIntosh MX 117
    McIntosh CD - 7008
    Transcriptors Hydraulic Reference
    SME 3009 MkII
    Ortophon somthing or other
    MPI - 4
    McIntosh 200 W/channel (forgot the #)
    Cambridge Soundworks Ensemble I, (the first one)

    Office System:

    Sequerra FM Reference
    Sony Super Audio CD-DVD player
    Sony hot-audio Computer w/ Highspeed for radio/video
    McIntosh 230
    Wilson WATT - III

    Barn System (parties in my big barn)

    Conrad Johnson PV12
    Sony Super Audio CD-DVD player
    McIntosh 2500
    JBL Cabaret 4699B

    Marantz SLT-12U
    JBL SG 520 Pre-amp
    JBL SE-408S w/flat cards
    Crown D-60
    ADS 2001 Speaker/amp combo
    1 pair IMF Studio II
    1 pair IMF Studio III
    Koss ESP9A
    KLH Model 11
    KLH Model 18
    Other stuff I'm not so proud of or can't remember

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    my hi-fi

    Instead of making excuses here 'tis:

    Small system is Pioneer SX-60 stereo receiver front end (bad amp section) driving a 1970s vintage Leach 90WPC stereo power amp (scratch built by my brother Don from Audio Magazine article plans) connected to a pair of KLH Model 5s with replacement 4" Goldwood cone tweeters from Parts Express on home brew rubberized damping rings made from scrap aluminum siding.

    "Big" (?) system is Gemini PMX120 stereo DJ mixer into a Behringer GEQ3102 stereo 1/3 octave EQ into DBX 223 stereo electronic X'over. The DBX summed mono LF output drives a bridged Crown DC300A connected to a Behringer B1800X 18" subwoofer. The DBX stereo high outputs drive another Leach 90WPC stereo power amp connected to (here's my JBL props) a pair of JBL era Urei 809As.

    For sources I use a variety of CD players and turntables and, yes, I'll play DJ at friends parties if they ask me to.

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    In The Hide-A-Way:
    JBL 4350B's
    Bryston 20B Pre-Amp
    Bryston 10B Crossover
    Bryston 4BST Amp (Low Freq)
    Bryston 3BST Amp (High Freq)
    Classe' .5 CD/HDCD Player
    Nad 515 Multi-Disc Player
    HHB CDR850 CD Recorder/Player
    Rotel RT-940AX Tuner
    Kenwood KX-4520 Cassette Deck
    Monster HTS3500 Reference Power Center
    Transparent speaker cables & interconnects
    Vanatge Equipment Rack
    Vibrapods on everything.

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    Niklas Nord
    those Bryston sure is great! Very low on distorsion..!!

    I would like to have two 14B SST for my K2, or maybe 4of them

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    Current audio only system is

    JBL L-300's
    JBL S-22's
    2 Velodyne HGS-18's
    2 MAC MC-500 amps
    1 MAC C-42 preamp
    1 MAC MCD-205 CD Changer

    Still looking to buy a pair of 4355's


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    Hey Rhino, how do you like the S22 compared to the L300!?

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