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Thread: Describe your HIFI -system

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    Apr 2003

    I'm a JBL colector for years.

    The first enclosure that I bought were JBL L36 in 1976

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    Bruno GINARD
    Living Room :

    36 ‘’ Panasonic screen
    Tannoy 15 “ Coaxial speaker (professional model) in rear folded horn “à la JBL”
    (To be substituted by a 2 or 3 ways system using 2225, 2445 + Horn, 2405)
    JBL 2240 H 18” in bass- reflex box, below 80 Hz.
    Tannoy Mx 2 rear effect speakers
    No central speaker actually
    Pionner VSX 908 H.T. receiver
    Denon POA 4400 Monaural amplifier for Bass
    Pioneer all zone DVD Player
    JVC SVHS recorder

    Lounge: Speakers under construction!

    JBL Hartsfield, E 145-8, 2445J, 2390, 2205, Home Made filter on N 400 scheme.
    6550 Push pull valve amplifier (to be substituted: 300 B or 211 Valves)
    Home made passive Preamplifier
    Sansui 711 CD Player

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    Oh, alright!

    JBL 4355
    Adcom 5800 (250 wpc)
    Adcom 6000 (100 wpc x 3, 60 wpc x2)
    Conrad Johnson PV 7 pre
    Crown VFX2A crossover @ 290 Hz
    JVC megachanger
    ADC SoundShaper EQ


    JBL XPL 200 (2 pairs)
    JBL XPL 160 (single for center channel)
    Rock Solid Monitors (for surround channels)
    JBL L 45 Flairs
    McIntosh MC 2300
    Audio Research D 100
    Audio Research D 100 B (If anyone can tell me the difference between these 2 models, I'd love to hear from you)
    Philips 578 200 wpc power amp.
    Crown VFX2A crossover (yes, a second one)
    Adcom GTP 550 Surround Sound preamp tuner
    Denon DRW 850 cassette deck
    Klipsh Heresy pair
    Sony El 7 Elcaset deck
    Denon DP 35 TT
    Pioneer 9500 series 2 tuner
    Sansui G 8000 receiver

    Gee, once it's all written down it looks like a lot of stuff, but I need MORE!!!

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    northern california
    Space impaired...

    Family Room
    Onkyo P304 preamp
    Onkyo T4087 Tuner
    dbx 1231
    QSC CX302 (by 2)
    4312A's - fitted with LE5-2's
    4313B's - fitted with LE5-2's, and cabinet rewired to "positive" polarity

    Onkyo P306 preamp
    Onkyo T4087 Tuner
    dbx 1231
    Onkyo M504 amp
    Alesis MonitorOne (on back corners of drafting table)

    Pioneer SA9100
    Pioneer TX9100
    Altec Corona's refitted with LE8T-H's and LE20's, and CrossTech CT-200 xover
    Lancer 44's - recently refinished, on standby
    Lancer 77's - recently refinished, awaiting grill cloths (can't find original material)
    Altec Model Nine cabinets going to LE14A's, LE5-2's and LE20's - cutting baffles this weekend
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    "Indeed, not!!"

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    Main system:

    JBL 4343WX
    McIntosh C34 preamplifier
    McIntosh 7200 amplifier
    McIntosh MCD 7007 cd player
    McIntosh MR78 fm tuner


    JBL 4315
    McIntosh 2205 amp
    McIntosh 2255 amp
    Conrad-Johnson PV5 preamp
    Conrad-Johnson MV75 amp

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    Tom Loizeaux
    Currently running:
    Sony consumer CD player
    Crown PSL2 preamp into either...

    JBL Urei 6260 power amp into
    JBL 4312As (running full range) w/ JBL powered subwoofer
    Rane AC22 active crossover into
    Crown PS-200 & PS-400 power amps into
    JBL 4333Bs (bi-amped)

    standing by are:
    a pair of JBL 4320s and a pair of almost completed 4343s.
    JBL 5235 crossover with 4343 cards
    a second Crown PS-200
    numerous cabinets with JBL K140s and EVM 15B speakers
    plus a number of assorted spare JBL and Altec drivers
    plus assorted musical and digital recording gear


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    Apr 2003

    Speakers:4343 WX

    Amp:McIntosh MC2205
    McIntosh MC7106

    Preamp: McIntosh MX118

    CD:McIntosh MCD7009

    JBL crossover M552
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    My system(s) ...

    Main listening room/home theater

    • Front speakers: JBL 2226H + JBL 2446H
    • Subwoofers: JBL 2242H (2 in each each enclosure)
    • Center speaker: JBL SVA Center
    • Surround speakers: Dali Blue R-1000
    • Subwoofer amplifier: Mark Levinson No.336
    • Main speaker amplfier: Mark Levinson No.331
    • Main speaker amplfier: Rotel RB-991
    • Center/Surround amplifier: Rotel RB-985
    • Preamp/electronic crossover: Harmony Design
    • CD/DVD/SACD: Philips DVD-963SA
    • Loudspeaker cables: Harmonic Tech Pro-11
    • Loudspeaker cables: QED Genesis Silver Spiral

    Second home theater

    • Front speakers: JBL SVA 2100
    • Center speaker: JBL SVA Center
    • Surround speakers: JBL SVA 1600
    • Amplifier: Rotel RB-985
    • Preamp: Rotel RSP-980
    • Dolby-Digital decoder: Rotel RSA-980
    • CD/DVD/SACD: Pioneer DV-606C
    • Game console: Microsoft XBox


    • Front speakers: JBL SVA 1600
    • Amplifier: Pioneer (an old model)
    • CD: Technics (an old model)
    • Tape: Revox B-77

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    Niklas Nord
    Yes Neriks, your system is something of the best out there!!

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    1. 4350 for left/Right, home made center w 2202/2405/2440 w/JBL blue gill cloth and oak veneer to match L/R. L-300 Rear L/R w/Blue JBL grill cloth. Pioneer Elite 545 DVD, Sony STRD-940 receiver. Front L/R biamped with Alesis Matica 900 and Mackie 1400i. Center triamped w. Alesis RA 100 and Matica 900. L-300s use a Hafler 500. There is a 61" Sony HDTV for viewing.

    2. Bedroom uses two Sovereign S7Rs (Blonde oak cabinets) with an added 2405 and N7000. Center is a JBL 505 and uses a JVC receiver and Pioneer DVD. There is a 32" JVC TV.

    3. Sons Room. Has a Pioneer 6 channel receiver, 27" JVC, Sony DVD. He uses two 4312s for the front and two L166s for the rear with two additional L166s on each side. His center is a duplicate of mine using a 2202/2405/375.

    Sorry if this comes up twice, had a little trouble with the log in and not sure first transmittal worked. Did not see it on the string.

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    Guy L
    Altec "Big Red" with 604E2 and Mastering Lab crossovers.

    Air-Tight ATM-300 Amplifier,

    Air-Tight ATE-2 Preamp,

    Wadia Digital 861 CD Player,

    Kenwood KT-600T Tuner,

    Technics SP10 MK2 turntable,
    Fidelity Research FR-64S Tonearm,
    Audio-Note IO-J Cartridge (original 1980's),
    Audio-Note AN-S7 Step up transformer.

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    Speaker JBL L250 "with LE1400H woofer and 044Ti twetter"
    JBL 250Ti Limited Edition "for sale"
    Power Amplifer 2xLuxman M03 Bridge, Pre Amplifer Luxman C03
    CD Pioneer PD-91

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    Las Vegas NV
    Von Schweikert VR-8
    Canary Ref. 1 300B monoblocks. 300Bx16

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    Receiver: Marantz 2270

    Turntable: Marantz 6100

    CD/DVD-Audio: Denon-1600

    Speakers: JBL Decade L 36's

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    Las Vegas NV

    System pics

    Here some of the set up.
    Attached Images Attached Images  
    Von Schweikert VR-8
    Canary Ref. 1 300B monoblocks. 300Bx16

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