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Thread: Describe your HIFI -system

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    Senior Member Steve K's Avatar
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    The Far East

    Thumbs up

    Main System
    Speakers: JBL L220
    Integrated amp: McIntosh MA6900
    Sources: Arcam FMJ23 CD-player & Denon DP-57L turntable with Shure M97XE cartridge

    Speakers: JBL 4313B Studio Monitors & L100 Century
    Integrated amp: Sansui AU-D907X
    Sources: portable Panasonic CDP & iPod

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    Senior Member Tom Brennan's Avatar
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    San Antonio
    Frontroom---Heathkit AS-21s (Altec 9844s in Heath furniture cabinets), Jolida 102 B amp, Sony DVD player, 27" Sony flatscreen tube TV

    Dining room----Altec 605As in Barzilay cabinets, Teac 700 T-amp or a DIY gain-clone, Sony DVD player This system will soon be bi-amped with a Dyna PAS-3 or PAT-5, passive line-level filters and the gainclone on bass and Teac on treble. I'm going to put in a Thorens 165 with an original ADC-XLM

    Den---HT setup-- Altec 890C Boleros, KRK ST-6 surrounds, Denon receiver, Sony 975 upscaler DVD player and Pioneer CLD-D704 LD player, 55" Sony LCD RPTV

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    Speakers: Altec 604-8G drivers in DIY corner cabinets. 9ft3/40Hz vented boxes, Baltic birch with cherry veneer. Stock Altec crossovers sit outside boxes, hard wired with single strand 24ga solid core copper wire.This page describes my journey with these -

    Amplifiers: DIY scratch built 45 SET, WE417A driving, RCA 245 globes, all James iron. Sometimes, scratch built 300B SET (Angela91 circuit) or Golden Tube Audio SE300B.

    Pre-amp: modded Counterpoint SA-2000 tube pre and ASL tube mini-phono.

    Turntable: Sota Sapphire, Sumiko Premier FT-3 arm, Goldmund acrylic platter and clamp, Denon DL103 M/C, transformer step-up using Altec/Pearless 4722 mic transformers.

    Tuner: Scott 350-D (tube) tuner with Dynalab ST-2 antenna.

    Digits: Sony SCD-777ES SACD/CD player on Final Labs roller bearings.

    Wire & stuff: Coincident PC on the SACD player, Marinco/Belden DIY PC on amps and mostly Final Labs copper & cotton interconnects. Monster Cable power conditioner and spiked Lovan modular racking system.

    Room: 12.2x22.6 dedicated listening room, bass traps and dispersion control elements in ceiling, movable absorption panels and dedicated audio wiring circuits.

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    Very impressive Bill to say the least.

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    JBL Collection/Harmon System

    JBL 4430's

    2- JBL 375 original
    2 -JBL wooden horn
    2- JBL rare 20A wooden horn
    4- 2235H
    5- 2123H
    2- 2118H
    4- 2404H
    2 -2405H
    2 -2227H
    1 -2216H
    4 -JBL passive radiators

    Had, But sold
    2- 2205
    2- 2245
    2- Le85

    2 Citation 7.1 amp
    Harmon Signiture PreAmp
    Technics A10 DVD/CD player
    Denon Ar1650 CD player
    Crown IC150 Amp (for sale)
    Mac Mx113

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    Lund, Sweden
    My beginner system:
    Pioneer dvd
    Meridian 568 surround processor
    3x behringer dcx 2496 digital crossover
    2x lab gruppen 500 amplifier
    2x lab gruppen 1000 amplifier
    4x jbl 2446 with 2382a horn
    11x jbl 2226h in 140 liters closed boxes
    4x jbl 2245h in 4x400 liters boxes. 2 are ported to 14,5 hz and 2 to 25 hz.

    And for fun i have 2 diy Martin logan acsent speakers with a B&O ice power 4x500 amplifier.

    I´m going to trade my amplifiers to something but i dont know to what.
    Maybe crown or qsc for mids and subs and Audion for my 2446 drivers.

    I´m building a home cinema at home with 2x2226h+1x2446h+1x2382a in my fronts and center speakers.
    For my rears i`m going to use 1x2226h+1x2446h+2382a.

    My subs are 4 st 2245h, i bought 2 from Niklas Nord and 2 from another guy.
    The 2 boxes who are ported to 25hz i use to music and to cinema i use all 4 subs

    Have a great summer / mats

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    Quote Originally Posted by matsj
    2x lab gruppen 500 amplifier
    2x lab gruppen 1000 amplifier
    How do you like the Lab Gruppens? I've always been intrigued by them becasue of their low weight, and have heard very good things about them, but have never had the chance to try them myself.


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    Hello johnaec

    They are not a hifi amplifier in my taste but they play . I think mine are too small for my taste i want more power.
    I think the bigger Lab is better, more power= better control.
    The next bad thing is the FAN.
    I want to try Crown k2, no fan and lots of power. But here in Sweden they cost 25 000:- 1 dollar= 7,50 swedish crones.
    I think i will import a couple in winter when i have saved to them.

    regards mats

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    Senior Member frank23's Avatar
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    The Netherlands
    current system:
    home built speakers with
    - 2420 / 2344A combo
    - davis 20klv8 kevlar bas/mid
    - all 1st order crossover with paper-oil capacitors
    - wired with kimber 8TC
    musical fidelity A2 full class A amp or musical fidelity A1 / David class A amp
    philips CDD-882 cd drive
    denon DA500 da-convertor
    - wired with kimber PBJ

    projects lying around:
    - 2 times 2235H
    - 2 times 2123H

    hot spares:
    - 2 times 2420 with 2307 horn/lens
    - 2 times the 2344A little brother with 2416 drivers
    - 2 crossovers from the 4425

    And I owned a pair of 4333B's, but I didn't like the sound, that's why I built my own.

    greetings, Frank

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    DJ System:
    4 15" GMI Sound 1000 Watt subs
    2 6" 300 Watt midrange speakers
    1 Crown CE2000 Amp
    1 Numark CM200 Mixer
    1 Asus Pundit 2.0 Ghz 512MB RAM Computer
    and finally 1 Altec 9440a AMP
    Both amps are running on MONO mode.

    Theatre System:
    Pioneer 840W 7.1-Ch. THX-Certified A/V Home Theater Receiver
    Infinity BETA40 Front Speakers
    JBL SUB135 Sub with 4 Surround Sound Speakers
    Sony DVD Player
    Yamaha NS-AC141 Center speaker
    Sony Grand Wega 42" Widescreen Rear-Pojection LCD HDTV

    I got the Altec 9440a amp for $20 about a week ago. It turns on but I need to get a new fuse holder. I was wondering which type of fuse would be best for it. I know that it has to be a 10 amp 250v fuse but I'm not sure if it should be a fast-acting fuse, a slow-blow, a ceramic or any other type there might be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Infredible
    Ok I'm in!

    9 remote control ...
    Dood! You need to use this as your avatar!

    Attached Images Attached Images  

    "Indeed, not!!"

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    Aloha bachatero07

    I've sent you PM (private mail)
    The fuses in all 3 of my 9440A amps are standard type fuses.
    However they are 8 amp 250V AGC instead of 10 amp that are listed on the back of the amp by the fuse holder.
    I had them all serviced by Ira and these are what they came back with.
    He knows what he is doing, so I will leave these at 8 amps.
    I love these amps. Many of these amps are still in service.


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    Senior Member louped garouv's Avatar
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    formerly "the city where imagination takes precedence over fact"

    my "hi-fi" or not really....

    right now I feed three technics 1200s and two pioneer cdj 500s into a UREI 1620 preamp into a Rane AX30 three way Xover....

    the xover goes into:
    crown D75 -- JBL 075,s (7500Hz and up)
    EV 7300a -- ALtec Model 19,s (full out)
    Hafler D500 -- Altec 825 cabinets w/ 515b (100Hz and lower)

    the 825 cabinets are on bottom, model 19s inverted ontop of the 825s w/ 075,s on the same level as the 811b/802G horns......

    ALtec MTM configuration, w/ JBL UHF supplements.....
    Disco sound on a budget......

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    Hey JBL-nuts

    My system:

    Sony cd-player
    Pioneer DVD
    Classé CP-35 preamp
    DBX Driverack PA
    JBL/Urei 6260 (one in use, two in the garage)
    Crown Macro Reference
    JBL 4771: JBL describe it in the technical manual as a high power two-way full-range system 2 x 2226H + 2445J + 2380A + 2 x 2404H in each speaker. Very low WAF But I´m a bachelor so who cares
    I´m very happy with them!

    In the future I will use SUB 1500 in the bottom and have combined HT/2-chanel. I already have a centerspeaker DIY with 2235H + 2446H + 2380A.
    And, not to forget, I need a larger room. Today I have 18 squaremeters.

    Keep rockin JBL!

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    Wichita, KS
    Living Room

    Onkyo TX-DS797
    S 412s
    S 38s
    S Center

    Hypex HS 500 Plate Amp. 720W @ 4 Ohm, 490W @ 8 Ohm
    JBL 2241H in 12.5 Cu Ft home made box

    Sony SCD-C222ES SACD/CD player
    Panasonic DVD-CP72 DVD Audio/CD/DVD player
    Mitsubishi LT-22 Linear track turntable


    Luxman R-114
    JBL L100As 123A-3/LE5-2/LE25-2
    Crossovers rebuilt with new pots, polypropolyne and polystyrene bypass caps

    If I ever get the money, I would like to move up to large format monitors or performance series. I heard a guy's Legacy system. His front speakers were $5400 each (about what I paid for all my stuff). They sounded a hair better at first listening, but Studio Series is much more transparent and hold up much better to listening over time.

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