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Thread: Describe your HIFI -system

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alex Lancaster
    Hi B&K, from Yr pic, it looks like You have Yr monitors in some sort of spikes, IMO:

    Spikes are good if You have a carpet so they will penetrate it and anchor to the floor; If You decouple the speaker cabinets it is auto-defeating, might as well hang the speakers with macramé, (late 70's idiotic Bosy); apart from that slight point, Your system is great.

    Hi Alex...

    Well, thanks for compliment and your right and false...

    This spike is not spike it is a mecanical diode and permit to put is same level and plan the speakers. the feet is a spkite to go in steel feet receptacle with zinc resonnance control, and permit a good anchor in floor with-out crunch in wood... Because the "head" of feet is little mobile, it is adapt to defect angle of wood and better link but 90% result is same with invert round head bolt....

    the best is slab with round head bolt but all is compromise...

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    Donald Barron


    I'm a UK devotee of the old JBL sound ( 15" drivers and horns ) a taste which I acquired while working in the US about 40years ago. I made the mistake of selling the speakers ( can't recall the name, S-something in a very nice fretted enclosure) before my return to the UK. I now have a pair of L150A, with Sumo Polaris and Athena pre-amp, and Mission Cyrus CD and tuner. I had to recone the 12" drivers and PRs...very expensive in the UK. I also deadened the cabinets with thick bitumen felt pads.

    I admit to migrating from vinyl to digital and PC much more convenient. I'm hoping photos are here!

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    Arlington, Tx
    I have,

    McIntosh Xe-10


    MX113 Tuner/Preamp
    2105 Amp
    6100 Amp/Preamp
    1700 Receiver
    JBL 6230 Amp

    Sony PS1 SPCH 1001
    Nakamichi CDC200
    Harmon/Kardon FL8300

    Dual 1228/Shure V15 Turntable & cartridge

    Nakamichi DR-3 Cassette Tape

    DBX 200 Program Selector


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    Is it just me, or not that many people have L-96's....Should have kept mine, darn it!

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    Penticton B.C. Canada

    My system

    Here is the listing :

    In Germany : JBL 4350 active of course
    Audio exclusive and Dad acoustic amp and pre amp
    Threshold Stasis
    Proceed cd player

    In Canada : JBL 4435
    JBL M 552 2 X
    JBL 5234 ( 250 hz cards) coming up for sale soon
    crown ( amcron, canadian version ) DC 300a 3 X
    crown ic 150 a pre amp 1 X
    Theshold 400 a for mids and highs
    Revox B 225 Cd player
    Quadral Titan Nachbau ( copy )

    Need more toys to be the winner when I die.

    2405's not yet installed
    some materials for 4435 copy

    Thats's pretty much it

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    My System

    I currently use a vintage pair of JBL C-33's driven by a nicely set up Bogen DS-265 power amp.Runs P-P 7027's with three GZ-34's for supply.It's basically stock.Audio Research Sp-3a with all mods removed even the Allegro sound travesty that the previous owner put it through.Its now stock except for an extra stage of DC gain in the P.S. Theirs pix of my speaks in the c-33 post elswhere in this forum.signal is supplied by a pioneer close and play type turntable with a dynavector M.C. cart.I built a homemade preamp for the cart with four 6CW4 nuvistors that runs on 8 d batteries and 18 9volt transistor batteries set up for 6v filament and 70 v b+.It sound very nice!!My tuner is a Fisher FM-1000 with the last audio stage(EF-86) bypassed.Or sometimes an R200-b .There's also a Fisher SA-300b amp and the big one SA-1000 that i use sometimes.It's gotten so valuable that i am afraid to put it to regular service!I also have lots (3 pair,2 singles) of 604's both b's and c's .They just have something!!!!!!!!I don't know what but it's there!!Also have some RCA theater stuff around too.Have a self modded pair of MI-9448 drivers that now use current production titanium diaphragms and they have to be heard to be believed!I have been doing this stuff since 1966 and should have joined this site ages ago!!

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    Shenandoah Valley
    No way I can type or remember all the details of all the fun stuff weighing this house down. Quick list:

    JBL 4333AWX (2)
    JBL L110 (2)
    JBL L46 (4)
    ...three other pair of JBLs I can't remember, they're at my parent's house
    Canton Karat 20 (4)
    Canton Plus S (2)
    Canton Patio 160 (2)
    Canton Plus XL Center (2)
    Canton something-or-others (2)
    Boston Acoustics A40 (4)
    KEF center channel
    JBL TR225 (2) (vocal monitors in studio)
    Cerwin Vega cabs w/JBL E120 & can't-remember upgraded tweeters & x-overs (vocal monitors in studio)
    Velodyne, NHT, M&K, and other subwoofers
    ...also 1 18" and 3 15" JBL raw drivers lying around, forget the #s. Oh, and an Altec 2 x 15" cabinet I use for bass guitar. Some Altec stereo speakers somewhere, too. Some Polks, some in-walls, I'm forgetting others, I'm sure.

    Crown DC300
    Yamaha P2100 (4)
    ADA Rhapsody 12 channel
    Audio Control Architect 12 channel
    Elan Z-series 6 channel
    Denon Integrated Amps (5)
    Yamaha, Technics & Marantz surround receivers
    Nakamichi, Pioneer, Kenwood & Denon stereo receivers
    Adcom Pre & 4 channel power amp
    ...others I'll remember right after clicking "Submit"

    Audio Request 160 Gb music servers (3)
    Denon (2), Pioneer (5+), Sony (3+), Phillips, Nakamichi, Alesis, other CDs
    Can't remember what TTs are left, sold the Micro Seiki, Mits and Conrad Johnson
    Teac, Tascam, Eumig, Denon, Pioneer, Nakamichi cassettes
    Sony & Panasonic DATs

    ...the kicker? Almost all of this stuff arrived here free. Broken, but free (the Audio Requests are demo units, I help them with R&D and testing). I design & install AV systems for gazillionaires, and this is the stuff they throw out. I also have two plasma TVs (Fujitsu & NEC) and two projection systems (Runco & Barco), all free. Most of my PA system and recording studio components got here the same way (broken & cheap or free). Guitars, too.
    je, looking for a bigger house

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    Central Coast California

    Broken or free

    It's too bad you can't get a free house.

    (Really, it's just my immature, petty jealousy showing.) Why does Fred get all the good stuff?

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    My audio kit, currently -

    Pioneer PL-115D TT
    Rat Shack TT Pre
    CLD-D504 Laserdisc
    HK DVD5
    DishNetwork Sat
    Sony CDP-291
    HK AVR110
    JBL L36
    Infinity center
    NHT Zero rears
    SVS-based DIY sub

    On hand -

    Altec Seville

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    Shenandoah Valley
    It's not just Fred that gets the good stuff, Fred's friends & family get the spillover stuff quite often. There's a buddy in Alabama that gets most of the Altec and Adcom loot when I'm done with it. One of my brothers has 50" and 40" TVs that I passed on. This friend's showroom here has my old Bryston 4B, McIntosh MC40, and Sansui BA5000 power amps:

    je (not really a Fred, they just whistle that theme song at my office whenever I'm lugging dusty old gear to my truck...)

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    jbl 4450a
    jbl 4343b (in restoration)
    jbl hp 580
    jbl 5233 active crossover x2
    jbl control 10
    2 x 2405 h
    b&w center (home cinema)
    mission 772(home cinema)
    canon wis 50(home cinema)
    pioneer dvd 717(home cinema)
    denon 3802 amp(home cinema)

    3 x technics sl 110 + sme 3009
    3x technics sl 1200
    sony cd player(not the top of the range)
    sansui tu 517 tuner
    revox b 77
    crest audio amps
    court elecronics eq
    soundcraftsmen eq

    and loads of pro audio equipments,dbx,yamaha,pioneer djm600,soundcrafts dmx 1000....too many to list thanks to brother danny's contributions and my wife ruby for tolerance

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    LA (Lower Alabama)

    My Stuff

    JBL 4345 Hybrid
    Bose 901 series VI
    Altec A-7s

    Threshold Stasis 2
    Sunn SPL 9000
    (2) Bose 1801
    Audio Matiere Accordance (tube)
    (4) Dynaco Mark III (tube)
    Dynaco ST-70 (tube)
    Hafler DH 200
    Fender 2244

    Pre Amps
    Soundcraftsman DX 3000
    Phase Linear 4000
    Dynaco Pat 5

    Technics SL-D3
    Thorens 124

    Tape Deck
    Revox B77

    Sansui TU 9900

    CD Player
    Sony Playstation

    Signal Processing
    (2) White 4400 equalizers
    DBX 2231 equailizer
    Ashly 4001 Crossover

    Sound Cards
    Ardvark 24/96
    M Audio Audiophile
    Sound Blaster 64 Gold

    JBL Components
    (2) 077
    (2) 2404
    (2) 076
    (2) 2441
    (2) 2440
    (2) 2445
    (2) 2470
    (2) K145
    (2) 2235
    (2) 2225
    (2) 2123
    (2) 2311
    (2) 2360
    (2) 2390
    (2) 2355
    (2) 2397 Westlake Copies

    I think that's it


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    San Francisco

    Crazy people!

    Ok I'm in!

    Main: JBL 4343, all original at start but... new 2421 diaph's and a little of Widget's Clio woodoo... Thanks!
    Surround: Beaten up L100 on stands with an upgraded Beyma CP21 alnico tweeter (2405 alike)
    Main amp: Yamaha DSP-A1 with pre-out/main-in
    EQ: Behringer DEQ 2496, nice toy.
    Generic Samsung DVDA/SACD player
    DishNetwork 921 PVR
    53" Pioneer HDTV
    2.1 Klipsh system in the bedroom
    Canon DSLR
    just forgot... a pair of 2121 and a single 2240 in storage.
    9 remote control but one Harmony remote to take care of the infrared business and around a thousand CD's.

    Attached Images Attached Images  

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    Dallas, Texas

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    WOW beautiful integrate furniture cabinet...

    silent fan for not overheat ???


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