I have

Main Speakers: JBL 4312 mk2 (temporary while building)
AMPS: 2 x NAD S200
PREAMP: Thule Audio PR150B
CD: Denon DCD-3000
Cables: A collection of different DIY like rg62 and so on..

Room: 38 square meters, not any special treatment right now.


Future plans:
Build two main speakers and 4 subwoofers. Buy two LEM DX26 and modify/change some parts and so on.. use as active crossower. Thining of the TacT 2.2x also !

Move to a house! Think I have to wait though



4 x JBL 2123H
4 x JBL 2202H
2 x JBL 2235H
1 x JBL 2225H
2 x JBL e-155/2240/2245 -empty baskets, recone to 2245
3 x JBL 2225/2235/2234 -empty baskets, recone to 2234 or 2235

oh my go.. THATS 16 DRIVERS

--- That´s my setup