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Thread: JBL N1200 8ohm vs 16ohm

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    JBL N1200 8ohm vs 16ohm

    Can anybody let me know whether there are 8ohm JBL N1200 crossovers available or are they all 16ohm? I only see them unmarked or the early examples marked 16ohm.

    I assume that both the 130A woofer and 175/1217-1290 need to both have a matching impedance rating when used in a speaker. If I use 8ohm drivers can I use any N1200 crossover?

    This is all new to me so thanks for your patience. I have searched and been unable to find any example of an 8ohm N1200.

    Thanks - Scott

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    Welcome to the LH forum. JBL has not been consistent in their labeling of the impedance, but they are consistent with the values of their products. What I mean is that is a JBL 130A will always be the same driver regardless of the impedance printed on the Foilcal. The same is true of the N1200 or the LE175. If JBL made an alternative version they would have a different model number.

    You can mix and match different vintages of these drivers and networks and they will still be compatible. That said, if the model is a “B” or “C” instead of “A” or a “-1” version, it will not be the same.


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