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Thread: Duplex Horn Replacement

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    Duplex Horn Replacement

    Does anyone one know if replacements and/or upgrades are available for the multicell on an Altec 605A? One of the cells on mine has a substancial piece missing. As i need to re-woofer it any way.......... any thoughts? Thanks R
    By the way: are rear projection style TV's bothered by non-shielded ferrite speakers?

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    You may want to try Great Plains Audio

    I have seen early 604's with Urie horns. You see the Urei horns on Ebay from time to time. That said they don't look complete. Do you know how the original attach's?? I have a later JBL based 801c coax where the horn is bolted on from the back and the driver screws into the back of the horn. Does the 604 horn screw on from the front???


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