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Thread: JBL 18 inch up to 300 Hz?

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    Here is my system with 18" up to 800hz. Yes, I did think of the 4435 when putting this system together. I used to own 4435's and the sound is somewhat similar. The goal was to have a highly effecient system that was relatively simple.

    There are probably some negatives to using the 2241 so high, but there are some positives to the system. I like the 2-way sound, the woofer and driver are very close and sound cohesive and the distortion of the 2" driver is very low. The system might be improved by using a non-JBL 18 that is a little less damped. I have heard a TAD TL-1801 18" woofer in a similar system that sounded very nice.

    I am not a speaker designer or expert by any means. I wish someone with the expertise would give this a try. I think someone with the right knowledge and test gear could develop a very nice 18" two way system.

    Gordon Bennett mate, the low frequency cab is the same that is used at the Empire Leicester square screen 1 for there THX design.

    If you look closely you can see the JBL 2241. So, I donít understand it sounds like you need an active crossover for the whole thing.

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    active crossover

    Surely an active crossover would improve things. My set up was just a quickly done thing in order to see if the 18" woofer would go up to 800hz. I have some cabinets with 12" and 2" horns that I usually use.
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