Hi guys,
I'm gonna be building a pair of new box's to house some new speakers and could use some advice on tuning. Let me throw out what I've been thinking and see what you think.

The speakers are: 1-2242H (18") and 1-2202H (mid 12") in the same box. The target CF or the 18 I'm shooting for is 10 cu ft. It looks like I'll be tunning this to 25hz as this seems to be what JBL suggests for a sub app with this transducer. All that is perfectly understandably for me. Where I'm lost is with the 12.

My original plan was to take the 18 to 250hz-300hz and stick the 12 in a 1.75 cu ft sealed dogbox. But now as I'm learning about this new 18 (in a sub app), is that they recommend an 80hz-150hz crossover.

So what I'm wondering is should the 12 be in a ported box, now that the crossover is lower than my original plan? Or leave it sealed?

You can find the driver parameters here: http://www.jblpro.com/pub/technote/thiele.pdf

A 2380/2445 combo goes on top of this.