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Thread: jbl l200b or altec a-7 which one

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    angel mercado

    jbl l200b or altec a-7 which one

    i have a pair of jbl l200b i redid there in good condition but i also redid a pair of vots a-7 ok the music i listen is like this manhein steamroller , the eagles ,pink floyd and other kind of music no rap thank god now i liked both of them and my wife didnt mind the a-7 but im the kinda a person that has to have something to do always my friend at speaker works has another pair of a-7 that need to be redone what i usaully do is take the stuff home fix them up and take it back in trade for other things he also has a pair of infinity kappa nine but i never really tried those please help me out l200b or altec a-7
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    angel mercado
    dont get me wrong i wouldnt mind owning the l200b i just want your input on what my be best out of both
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    Maron Horonzakz
    The A7 cabinet I would use for kindling wood used in my fire place. Its just a bass reflex with a short front horn to project into a movie theater & has limited bandwith on the lower end. But some people like it for its dynamic slam in the mid band.

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    One thing to consider here. Music is about the heart, not the mind. The real question is which sounds best to you.

    Think of speakers like you would women. There's no right on wrong, it's just which one did you fall in love with.

    for example, I have a friend who has a pair of late 80's Martin-Login's. When I go over to listen to music with him, I really don't care for the sound at first ( it takes about 30 minutes for me to get use to em), but I can appreciate his love of the music. and I'm sure he's not a fan of my JBL's. BUT, we both understand it's the joy of the music.

    I have a rather large HT setup downstairs, it's not the best, but it is thunderously loud. But 60% of the time I don't go down stairs, but instead stay upstairs and watch movies with a pair of dinged JBL S312's I got at best buy for half off ( yes, I know their commerical crap - but pretty good commerical crap )with a very underpowered Sony "all-in-one" player. I don't do single center speakers so I run them in stereo. Hey, it's not much, but I like it.

    So, bottom-line Angel is what sounds best to you. So, I would recommend hook'em up and just listen. Your heart will tell you which ones to keep. Because when the lights go down and the volumn goes up, it's truely a love affair with music that matters, and all the specs, imaging, soundstaging etc, etc doesn't matter.

    take care and good luck with your choice

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