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Thread: Active Crossovers

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    Last time I saw the Accuphase XO advertised it was like $8000. That was back in the 90,s.

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    I googled a price of $7,xxx, so it is in that range. Would love to A/B it to the KT DN9848, which is considerably less dough and considerably more "powerful"...

    "Indeed, not!!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by merlin View Post

    How much does the Accuphase sell for it the US? I noticed that the retail prices seem really high compared with Japan.
    Yep, I saw a price of 8K plus in the USA.


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    Hey Ken, you are lucky. It's about $16,000 over in Europe.

    I'm currently playing around with their C2800 preamp and the build quality makes some Levinson look like my DIY. It's a shame that the latest Accuphase units no longer feature multi tapped transformers. Damn I hate price fixing in this industry.

    I will however look forward to reading how you get on with yours in the near future

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