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Thread: YouTube (and others...) Music Vids - Referrals

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    JBL 4645

    Interesting facts, I mean who wouldn’t try escaping then? So how many Christmas songs have you found that are in your own language? Sometime with a spiritual uplifting, I bet there’s hundreds on youtube.

    Here’s a few “Let it Snow” music videos with a slight variation on the last one, someone really has the fount of the house decked out with charismas lights, synchronized.

    Christmas Music: "Let it Snow!", Dean Martin

    Let It Snow / Winter Wonderland (2006)

    Christmas Songs - Mormon Tabernacle Choir (((stereo)))
    Got this playing in Dolby Pro-Logic music mode, going though all the JBL loudspeakers, it’s a bit on the loud side so careful with that volume level, boys and girls, it’s a got fair deep rumble down to 40Hz! The stings I can feel in the pants of the seat, nice one. Yeah I said it before, I’ll say it again, (((stereo))) videos on youtube is a rare thing, nearly 90% of them all are monaural.

    Time for some more Celine Dion

    Celine Dion - River Deep, Mountain High (((stereo)))
    This has a powerful sub bass kick, that’s in the 60Hz range!

    It’s like going fishing for (((stereo))) youtube videos its not like there exactly advertised in (((stereo))).

    Joy to the world- Renee FLeming- mormon tabernacle choir (monaural)
    I tried looking for this one in (((stereo))) difficult.

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    JBL 4645
    This one is in (((stereo))) I was starting to come up dry finding Christmas songs in (((stereo))) so I tried a new search “Christmas songs in stereo” only one was labelled.

    Christmas Song - Sing for Peace (((Stereo)))

    Christmas won’t be the same without John McClane

    Die Hard Music Video

    This one is in (((stereo)))

    Bryan Adams - Christmas Time (Mono)
    This would sound nice if I can find a (((stereo))) version on youtube?

    U2 - All I Want Is You: Video (((Stereo)))
    Here is another U2 video in (((stereo))) crank it up on those JBL you know you what to.

    U2 - Where The Streets Have No Name: Video (((stereo)))
    You can not promise you’re not going to have crowds that we can’t control, LOL you’re dawning them in by the dozens. Classic video (((stereo))) this one was thundering in at 110dbc down to 40Hz! The pigs had to spoil it at the end, didn’t they, boo hiss.

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    JBL 4645
    Christmas Interactive House Lights

    This guy has a stack of JBL placed in front of the house 1KW.

    The JBL Story - speakers home theater ipod music

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    JBL 4645
    Celine Dion - Ava Maria

    This is a sweet song, spiritual and tranquil with the dolphins swimming peacefully, beneath the deep, deep sea. So heavenly perfect absolutely, like the song, Ava Maria.

    Celine Dion - I'm Alive

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    JBL 4645
    Anyone up for the short version of DIE HARD plug this into the JBL sound system and let (Stephen H. Flick) sound effects pound you in the chest and vibrate the room, I had this sucker up to 115dbc! When that guy goes though the window shield, head first!

    DIE HARD short version!

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    JBL 4645
    My apologies I don’t think this is the original soundtrack mix that was produced for the Dolby stereo (1982) realise, but still not a bad voice. Soundtrack is in (mono) on this video.

    Connie Talbot - Walking in the Air - The Snowman

    Edited just found another video.

    Oh what a darling oh that’s sweet I didn’t know she was this young, wow talented little miss.

    Connie Talbot-CuppyCake Song(SANG BY AMY CASTLE)

    *Connie Talbot is a Rockstar*

    Connie Talbot--White Christmas

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    the most popular Christmas song

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    JBL 4645

    I think the last phrase was happy Christmas in the first, video, I’m sorry I can’t speak France and I was lost, translation please. The music is nice if only I could understand, is it, opera?

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    JBL 4645
    There is a lot of audio equipment in the background on this Christmas cat theme, does anyone here recognise what is there racks, a few electrical guitars and microphones?

    Musashi's Xmas song

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    JBL 4645
    Quote Originally Posted by hjames View Post
    Please, Ashley, give it a f'n REST!


    Really, this is not AOL!!
    Good grief was the Christmas turkey, really that bad yesterday? You can’t rush the cooking, it has to be done slowly, you can’t rush these things, slowly, you let the cooker do the cooking.

    Happy New Year to you, Heather.

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    JBL 4645

    Note the difference in the instrumental opening between the two themes?

    Hawaii Five - O - Theme

    Hawaii Five 0 Intro

    Hawaii Five-O Rare Soundtrack

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    JBL 4645
    Here are a few, well a bunch tell you what Wolf, you caught me on a goodnight, John Barry ROCKS!

    John Barry - The persuaders(Original soundtrack)

    There are different themes for each film some are fast paced others are slow and very heart-warming like Dances with Wolves (1990) that score makes me cry when I watch the film, the emotional power of it reaches a high feeling over warmness that makes me feel whole and satisfied, that it was John Barry scoring it. The end credits wow, just listening to it makes get all mushy and I reach for the tissues, now that is what I call film score music at its best!

    Dances with Wolves; Soundtrack by John Barry

    Damn you Wolf for posting that other post about Goldfinger, the last moments in the Dances with Wolves end titles made me cry like a baby, that solo horn blowing near to the end, said it all, it was like a fantastic journey, watching that in the cinema back in (1990), and it just keeps on getting better with time...

    This one is a bit longer
    Dances with Wolves - farewell and end title by John Barry

    John Barry Somewhere in time - Theme

    Enya and John Barry Ė Sunset

    Moonraker (Main Title Designed by Maurice Binder)

    Out of Africa has the same emotional impact drawing the listener into the theme of the story with a haunting opening that moves slowly into a dream like state of peace and serenity, as the biplane flies over the plains of Africa with beautiful stunning photography, and the voices accompanying it, when it fads out and the score lifts your sprit up too spiritual high, wonderfully score, I defy anyone who hasnít heard the score to this film.
    "Out of Africa" Flyover scene; Soundtrack by John Barry

    Out of Africa. John Barry Soundtrack

    John Barry - Out Of Africa Soundtrack

    Casino Royale crane fight - John Barry style

    BSO Nacida Libre (Born Free)

    This rocks on region 2 DVD, the LFE.1 adds a huge KICK of DEPTH at the opening as the camera moves over a computerised square green grid.

    Oh the moment Vincent and BOB battle Rinehartís robots!

    The black hole soundtrack - tracks 01-02 of 10

    The black hole soundtrack - tracks 03-04 of 10

    The black hole soundtrack - tracks 05-07 of 10

    The black hole soundtrack - tracks 08-10 of 10


    I like the percussion rhythmic beat on the opening titles; it packs a punch on DVD and sound excellent on JBL!
    Music by John Barry and A-Ha
    The Living Daylights (Main Title Designed by Maurice Binder)

    Music by John Barry performed by the Pretenders
    "If there was man" (The Living Daylights)

    Looking forwards to the, realise of the un-cut region 2 DVD this February, Go Howard!
    Howard The Duck- Widescreen Finale music by John Barry

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    JBL 4645
    Here is a an added Bonus for you Wolf
    John Barry ROCKS!

    Licence to Thrill (BBC Omnibus TV doc) Part 1/5

    Licence to Thrill (BBC Omnibus TV doc) Part 2/5

    Licence to Thrill (BBC Omnibus TV doc) Part 3/5

    Licence to Thrill (BBC Omnibus TV doc) Part 4/5

    Licence to Thrill (BBC Omnibus TV doc) Part 5/5

    His music is instantly recognizable; it has a specific signature tone to his style, that is identifiable, his DNA musical signature.

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    JBL 4645
    DaCarlson one JBL newest members posted me this link to...

    ...the man in black Johnny Cash.

    You can hear the tone of pain and regrets in the lyrics, from his life, that canít be undone, thou heís wishing he could turn the clock back, and ask the lord for a second chance.

    Johnny Cash "Hurt"

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    JBL 4645
    Johnny Cash - San Quentin

    That was some, good lyrics there, nicely voiced by the man in black.

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