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Thread: Two 18" has arived

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    Niklas Nord

    Two 18" has arived

    Here two JBL e-155 has arived and are being reconed
    to JBL 2245H 18" low freq drivers...

    A little bit different than the 2242H at Neriks place:

    A e-155/2240/2245 looks like this

    Ugly as hell

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    Looks like those baskets have been reconed at least once already......that cone doesn't look like a e-155 or even a JBL for that matter....excellent candidates I would say for your 2245 project.
    Good luck
    BTW....roll the rubber ring back and make sure the magnets aren't cracked....that can be bad!

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    Re: Two 18" has arived


    BTW, whatever happened to Nerik's 2245H's?

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    Niklas Nord

    No i think they have been reconed two times.
    The other one has a aluminium-cone alá electrical
    bass guitarr subwoofer.

    neriks has two 2245 ready for reconing, but he will
    whait on wome other projects @ home

    The pic on Neriks 2242 upp on this page, is an old
    one, perhaps when he mounted the 2242 in the boxes.

    Nothing wrong or so

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    Re: Re: Two 18" has arived


    As Niklas Nord already has mentioned the two 2245H's I have in my possession still waits to reconed. I have removed the old cones and cleaned up the magnet assembly. Unfortunately JBL recone kits are rather expensive here in Sweden My economy is a bit strained at the moment and with a newborn child me and my wife have other more important things we need than new recone kits for my 2245H's ...

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    Niklas Nord
    Yes, here in sweden ONE recone cost ca 250$ each for
    the JBL 2245H . .. . . .

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