I just bought a pair of walnut 4310's to restore. They are in rough condition but all drivers appear to work when tested in the junk shop where I bought them. As of yet I have not connected them to a decent power amp.
Ill post a pis as soon as I figure out how.

So first action was to canvass the internet and here I am! Its good to find this enclave of enthusiasts and the impressive body of information kept here. Points to a lot of hard work by someone.
I have some technical education and so have basic mechanical and electrical knowledge so I'm hoping to do a good restore.
Initial assessment is:
  • One of the cover frames is broken and will need a repair or to be replaced- Anyone know what the material is, it seems to be a type of chipboard.
  • I'll probably need to source brown fabric for replacement to both frames. The material is ok barring a small tear in one piece of material but as it is along the weave (or is it weft?) I might be able to sew it shut. Ill just wash the material and see how it comes up.
  • All 4 controls, Brilliance & Presence, work but some are noisy and two have suffered some impact damage. Maybe some electrical switch cleaner will work. Are these just a potentiometer?
  • Two tweeter cones are dented, I think Ill leave these for the moment.
  • There is a brown discolouration all around at the point where the white material meets the black on both woofers. Maybe due to the boxes having been continuously exposed to smoke, as they smell of it!
  • Serial Nos are 52742 and 52739

I am starting to search the site but I'd appreciate any pointers to relevant posts or threads. Also are there any European suppliers of parts known to anyone? I live in Ireland so the UK or western europe would be the preferred source to try first.
I would be a purist in the sense that I would hope to restore using JBL parts where such are available.

I'm not sure what to do next. My thoughts are to open up the cabinets and remove all parts for bench inspection and photograph everything. If I do this are there any electrical tests or readingd that I can carry out that would be relevant and usefull?

Many Thanks