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Thread: How to build bases to elevate 4350's?

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    How to build bases to elevate 4350's?

    I have been advised on this forum to elevate my pair of 4350;s to clean up the mid-bass frequencies and improve the imaging. I am now ready to proceed. A few qurstions:
    1. Given that it's pretty hard to try different heights, what should the hieght be roughly?
    2. How should the bases be built? in wood with braces on the inside?
    3. Should I fill the bases with sand or foam so that they don't start vibrating at their own resonance frequency?

    Or do I need a different approach altogether? I want to do something aestetically pleasing.

    Help and advice highly appreciated!

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    help please

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    Quote Originally Posted by j20056 View Post
    help please
    I don't have those big box 4350s- but I have noticed there are a couple of threads on the site that detail cabinet design of them ... maybe they help?
    also this post -

    Good luck!
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    Gary L
    Good info there Heather!

    I am not familiar with the speakers you have but will agree with the author in the bottom link to use either pine or poplar.

    Altec 19s come with a particle board base that is built just about the same and I would not waste my time with a junk material like this.

    I also don't see a need to fill the base with anything but will be interested in the thoughts of others here. Contrary to popular beliefs, 19s just look like they dance but in all honesty they have not moved from the dots I put on the floor in over a year. Can't say the same for the stuff on the walls or shelves but the speakers stay put.


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    As far as material goes, I would also suggest Poplar. I use it for just about everything. It doesn't seem to twist as bad as pine, and is a little harder (but not so hard as to wear out tools). The home stores allways have a large enough inventory to pick out nice looking pieces as well. Jay

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