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    Talking I must be living right ......

    remember this old thread ??

    Perfect Speaker? Let's hear your vote!

    and my answer was

    OHM F.

    (guess I haven't heard many super high ends).....

    then Ken answers

    There's a ghost from the past.....I have not seen a pair of those in many years.

    I had only seen 1 pair in my life..They were so good , that I never forgot them. Kinda rare, and the ones for sale are torn up or unrepairable.

    Well, pulled the trigger on a set today. (at about 1k under going rate)...they are in about 98 percent cosmetic and 100 percent functional.

    The story goes...seller did some landscaping work for an old man. Didn't have enough for the bill. Paid in cash plus this set of OHM F's. Seller only wanted the difference that he didn't get in cash.
    I called about 5 minutes after the ad went up. Seller says phone started going crazy after I called. He took lookers in order as you should.

    Hauled them home and hooked them up after an inspection. WOW , I know its heresy but they dwarf the 4410's

    specsP1972 - 1984 originally $900 - $3995 per paird100 - 200 watts )4 ohms 37 - 17,000z
    87 dB

    from the web

    The Ohm F was the most popular of the first generation Walsh speakers. It used a 12'' inverted omnidirectional driver operating from 35 - 17,000 Hz. The Ohm Fs were internationally recognized as ''one of the best...if... not the best...speaker in the world''. It received reviews from as far away as Australia and Thailand as well as throughout Europe and America.

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    So we cheated and we lied and we tested,
    and we never failed to fail, it was the easiest thing to do

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