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I always wanted to hear a pair of those. Almost bought a pair a few years back but something came up. Enjoy and let us know how they sound.
Good as the "F"'s have always sounded, these F2's are better. We look at them and ask "where is all that bass coming from" ??

I sat today at about 10 feet to the right of the right speaker and approx 20 feet from the left and 12 from the right , still got stereo image ..astounding.

Think I figured out the dynamic of the deal. The last price on the F's were $4k. The F2 was never sold as a completed speaker (the web site is wrong). F2 was a 1.6k upgrade to your existing F cab *. BUT their site lists the F2 for $1595 as a whole speaker . Took me a bit to figure out that new/improved speakers don't drop $2.4K. So on 20 y.o. 1.6k speakers, a CL price of 500 was appropriate.

I had my control monitors up for 495. Pretty equal trade, if calculating original incorrect web price of 1.6 instead of actual $5.6 outlay.

already in touch with OHM president. They will do needed maintenance on the driver pair for $250 , tho not really sure they need it. (plus 20% discount as new customer)

In the other guys corner , he got a nice pair of JBL's for what he paid the widow for the F2's . guessing, not too much.

OH yeah: The F2 is listed at 6 ohms, the F's at 4 & 3 . They are currently on the BGW 250D and seem happy there.


The Ohm F2 was the first Ohm F cabinet with a second generation driver. It increased the sweet-spot and maximum output, while also extending the treble. The driver was smaller and the system was vented through a vent on the driver board which extended the bass and reduced the distortion.

We continued to make new Ohm F drivers for service replacement for many years thereafter (we've never seen a ''repaired Ohm F'' that performed like a new one because none were good enough to put our name on them). The newly developed Walsh driver was adapted to the Ohm F cabinet and became the F-2 which was the first Ohm F upgrade.

* much the way JBL did the L250 with upgrade to 250Ti.