Hi everybody, I have a set of 4430's and 4435's which I am atempting to run bi-amped with a JBL 5235 Active Crossover Network (with correct 4430/35 cards installed), as I do not have the owners manuals for either of the loudspeakers, I have a couple of questions that I am hoping someone else has encountered and is in a position to advise me.
1) As the cross over cards are 12dB/octave is a phase reversal required for the HF driver.
2) Does the HF driver require any attenuation with reference to the LF driver.
3) The JBL brochure suggests amplifier powers of 400W for the LF and 150W for the HF which equates to a 4.25 dB difference, does this suggest that the HF driver should be attenuated by 4.25dB in relation to the LF driver or is this because there is more energy in the LF spectrum than the HF spectrum in music.
4) The passive crossover schematic implies that this is not the case as both LF and HF paths are fed from the same point when not bi-amped.

This has come about by the fact when I feed both drivers with the same level there apears to be overwhelming HF energy, when I adjust the HF drive for "what sounds right" it equates to around a 3dB reduction in HF drive. Unfortunatley I do not have an analyser to measure what is going on, however this I believe this should be able to be resolved without the need of an analyser ................ all opinions and advice would be greatly appreciated.

Would anybody have a soft copy of the 4430/35 loudspeakers which they would be willing to email me or post here.

Many Thanks