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Thread: Repair or Replace D-130

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    Repair or Replace D-130

    After doing some reading I suspect I have the older narrow gap D-130 (b) speakers. There are a few tears toward the outside of the cones. My question is can these tears be patched or glued without having to replace the entire cone?

    They still sound great and do not rattle. Since they have the original cones I would rather not have them replaced.

    Or should I just retire these and replace them with newer ones?

    Any advice would be appreciated.


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    Hi DoctorD

    If you’re finding a few tears towards the outside edges of the cone, then it means that the suspensions are finally giving out, due to old age.
    And I am not sure that gluing or patching is going to help much.
    So, you will be in for re-cone at some point.
    But, as long as the voice coils don't start rubbing against the magnets, they should continue to sound ok.
    So, I would recommend that you continue to enjoy lessening to them.
    But, when that very sad day finally comes and they no longer sound right, don’t just throw them away without a second thought.
    Seriously, look into re-coning them with JBL E-130 kits.
    I had Orange County Speakers overhaul my 1973 vintage D-130s and they are now sound just as good as new.


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