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    Wink new member.

    my name is robin and im from the netherlands. ive been a Jbl fan for years now.
    Ive owned the :
    tlx 6
    and am in the middle of buying a pair of century gold's
    At the moment im playing on a pair of stage accompany monitors that i build myself. There nice but ive made the mistake to wonder of the Jbl path.
    Also i think the old jbl products sound a lot better then the new stuff, and i think construction is superior to anything that harman makes these days.
    So i miss my 4311 sound (i was to ignorant at the time)and am hoping that the century gold is going to bring that back.
    My ultimate goal is to build a speaker for myself with jbl units or to get my hands on a nice vintage pair oj jbl monitors. I know there out there but in holland its extremely difficult to find an mint pair ore a pair that needs work for that matter.
    So im buying the centuries and try to find my jbl stuff bit by bit so i can drive my wife mad.

    I registered her because i think you guys wil be able to help me when i need some info.

    p.s. sorry for my bad spelling i hope it will improve

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    Welcome aboard!

    Building your own is a great idea. There are many experts here to help. Use the search function for ideas.

    Since you are over seas it will probably will be easier to get drivers rather than full systems. Systems are available but prices are very high.

    Don't worry about the spelling, many of us don't do any better. I can understand your writting .

    Good luck,

    Don M
    4406, 4412A, L100, L100t3 (3 pair), L1, L7, 4645C, 4660A, 4695B, SR4735 and various DIY JBL Pro loaded systems.

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