Greetings, I am in the process of designing and building a 4way JBL speaker system for my new audio/video room. I have accumulated a fairly large inventory of JBL components over the years and I am trying to use as much as I can in this project. My wife told me to get my butt in gear to make space for her in our storage room. She wants the JBL boxes gone. Last Christmas We had a break in and 4-2235's , 2- 2246's as well as 075's and 375's were stolen. Unbelievable! The good news is that insurance covered the loss and I had fun shopping to replace the items.
My present set-up in this room is a pair of L250ti's in the front with a pair of L150a's in the rear.
I am seeking out knowledge and suggestions regarding a bandpass filter design, for a passive crossover, for a 2450H driver mounted on a 2380A horn. I have not used this driver before and have been unable to find a design for a starting point. The low pass is 2500hz and the high pass is 10k hz. Any tricks to tame this combo? My preliminary design is a 2nd order Butterworth with a 3rd order on the 2405, 10k hz and above.Best Wishes and Happy Holidays to All! Best Regards, Dennis