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Thread: Altec 820A Corner horn??

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    Check page one of this thread. Tom Brennan provided scans of the Altec plans for the 821A cabinet, as found in the Badmaieff/Davis book, which are the only ones I've seen. For further information you would have to find someone who owns an example of the cabinet.

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    Thanks - this book is now its way to me

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    Old thread, I know

    The question has been raised about the bass output of the (very attractive) Altec 821 corner cabinet. The horn cutoff is said to be 80 Hz. Boundary reinforcement and room gain would contribute at some point. One poster commented on the lack of BR as used in the VOT cabinets. But in post #40 one photo of an 820 system shows a distributed port exiting into the toe space. Anybody know any science about this? Looks like it might have been meant to be some kind of SOTP resistive loading. That space could be made a ducted port to tune the woofer cavity. What effect would the closeness of the floor have?
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