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    Question For Widget & Oldmics

    Any word yet on the custom blue grill cloth?

    (Keeping my fingers crossed!)

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    Hello All,Don"t have all the answers as of yet.The blue which I thought would be an easy match is considered a heavy weave with a backing.My source is dying two samples for me in the required blue color for my inspection.The material that he is using is from his normal production runs,except for the color.Pricing and minium order quanitys are also being explored.
    He is hoping to have an answer about all 4 of the JBL samples that I sent to him by the years end.The samples that I sent are from the Hartsfield,Bel-Aire,Harlan and the blue material being discussed.I will post back once I have more info.
    Best regards,Oldmics

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    I sent my sample along. The last e-mail I got said it was in the works....

    will post when I have something definitive.


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    Thanks guys! Do keep us posted...

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