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Thread: Some suggestions

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    Some suggestions

    Just got done reworking these cabinets. Woofers are 2225's
    Horns available to use are 2360, 2395 and 2397
    Which do you think will sound the best on these.
    Xover points 500 or 800 hz
    Thanks for your input

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    I would go 500 BUT the horn might not.
    Measure the physical distance from the edge of the drivers to the horn flair and see what you get, You might want to experiment with the rolloff and the phase since there will be time delays.

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    800hz crossover....

    and 1.5" driver/horn would yield best results.

    JBL Pro for home use!

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    I envy you. I built a pair of those a little over 30 years ago and all I could afford to put on top at the time was altec 500's but they kicked but. I never have gotten over them. Where did you get the plans? You should be able to cross them as hi as those woofers are good for as in those cabinets you should have no doppler distortion. If you filter out below where the horn works those cones will never move enough to see.

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    I would use the 2360s with 2450 and aquaplas coated diaphragms and biamp with the 5235 and 500 Hz CCBREQ cards.

    Those scoops look really clean.


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