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Thread: 1 speaker Home Theater ??

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    1 speaker Home Theater ??

    1 cabinet - 42 speakers ? anyone ever heard this thing ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by SEAWOLF97 View Post
    1 cabinet - 42 speakers ? anyone ever heard this thing ?
    Hey - are you sure this isn't infringing on some kinda direct/reflect/project technology like the Bose stuff?? How many monthly payments are involved?
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    I've never tried it, but I have read about it. Each speaker is individually controlled, so the directivity (dependend on frequency ?) can be controlled just like with modern microwave antennas. It will only work for "higher" frequencies. As i have read, there is really an effect.
    (I would not buy it.)

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    Interesting. If such a thing can be made to work Yamaha certainly has the resources.

    However my idea of a single speaker HT would be a single A5. ;-)

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    There's another thread describing the "Beam" thing somewhere in these forums....

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    Heard them at CES a few times. The effect is pretty convincing, but they certainly don't have the "big" sound of large format JBLs.

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    Michael Leader

    One Speaker Surround

    Yep....seen this and Polk Audio have a similar concept. This concept was hatched like a rotten egg with a demo by NHK during NAB...way back about 1994. It kind-a sounds spatially diffusive (!) .....Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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    A "long" time ago, a magazine (Stereophile?) did an article on a DIY full range speaker system that utilized 16 4" drivers. I think it was called the "Sweet 16". Anyone else ever hear of that? This was prior to the Bose 901 concept....

    I tried to find information on the internet to no avail but I know the 16 X 4" driver concept is a fairly old one....I am much younger, of course!

    I bet an LE8 or even a Rogers TruSonic would do a better job. My opinion...

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    the "sweet 16" appeared in Popular Mechanics according to this website....

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