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Thread: Did JBL or Lansing make a 12" Bass Guitar Speaker ??

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    Did JBL or Lansing make a 12" Bass Guitar Speaker ??

    I recently aquired a 60s Kustom 100 bass amp. The cab has 2 x 12" CTS speakers.
    Did Altec ever make a 12" bass guitar speaker ?
    I'm fairly sure JBL did not.
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    Altec 417 12" guitar speaker

    The 15" was either a 418 or 421.

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    'Don't know if you're looking to change your speakers, but JBL never made a 12" speaker specifically for live bass guitar. A pair of 2206H drivers would work pretty well, assuming the cabinet port parameters were correct. .

    Or if you really wanted to get a lot of LF output capability from a small system, the W12GTi, (car audio), will blow the pants off any other readily available 12" driver, but it takes quite a bit of power for maximum output:

    Here's a pic of the similar but smaller W10GTi:

    JBL also makes some newer 12" drivers for use in their pro systems, but I'm not sure how available they are...

    BTW - 'nice instruments you have! I'm also a bass player.

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    You might want to look at the 417 and check with GPA. I believe he is making them again.

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    Vintage (Ross) Kustom MI amps were available with several speaker options, all easily identifiable from the model number. First, the standard 1-15 or 2-12 nomemclature discloses the number and size of the speakers, and is followed by a letter to designate the driver manufacturer, A=Altec, L=JBL, J=Jensen, and C=CTS. I'm guessing you've got a 2-12C, which was the only 2-12 model targeted specifically for bassists that I'm aware of, the other 2-12 options being for guitar. If you feel your setup is unsatisfactory for bass with the CTS drivers, you'll not likely be happy with other (period-correct) 12" drivers either. It appears that the cabs were the same size for both 2-12s and 1-15s, so I'd suggest building a new baffle for a single 15 (ports will need relocated), and installing a JBL D-140F or Altec 421A or -8HII, either of which will definitely "get down" lower than any pair of 12s. Obviously, check first for fit, and be aware that the later, large-frame Altecs actually measure 16" across.

    For more info on tuck-n-rollology, check out these sites;

    (ADD/edit) I've got an extra 421 or two I'd love to trade for that purty red ES......

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