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Thread: Question about 5235 cards

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    Tom Loizeaux

    Question about 5235 cards

    I just figured out that FFBREQ printed on some of these 5235 crossover cards means ... Flat Front Bi-Radial EQ! I assume this also means these would be 18dB/O cards! ?
    Is an Altec 811B sectoral horn close to what JBL is calling a Flat Front Bi-Radial ? Aren't these 811 Bi-Radial in the vertical plane?
    Please enlighten me.



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    Do you have the polar response/directivity plots on the Altec horns??? The cards I show in the manual are for the constant coverage biradials the 2360/2380 horns. They have 12 and 18db slopes. Whats the part number on the cards? Look at the horn polars/directivity for them to compare the EQ. If you look around in the spec sheets you can find the unequalized plots for those horns. On the surface I would say no but I have not researched it. Just try it.


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