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Thread: The new hifiroom !! - Acoustics -

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    Niklas Nord

    The new hifiroom !! - Acoustics -

    Damping materials

    Dont know what this is called in english,
    nut in Swedish itīs "masonit" I will be using this
    in the cutted sides that lean towards the wall

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    Niklas Nord
    The actual thing

    This space will be the place for the HUGE subs

    400 liters, and the 2245 18", one on each side

    When the right wall is ready, then iīl start over with the
    left side haha, uhh.. TIME CONSUMING
    SUCK SUCK SUCK ... Detta tar TID, faktiskt MASSOR med tid.. :?

    The precious ones, in the bedroom.. crying to be back online

    The walls are 20cm thick, and calculated to be effective
    from aprox 300hz to 25 000hz

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    Maron Horonzakz
    NORD.....You dont want to suck the life out of the room. Proceed with extreem caution. Unless you have expierence with LIVE END DEAD END room treatment. You can be doing more HARM than GOOD. Consult with a recording studio archetect / engideer. MARON

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    Niklas Nord
    I allready have, one of my friends is an acoustics engineer actually.

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    Senior Member Steve Schell's Avatar
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    Long Beach, CA
    Hi Niklas,

    I highly agree with your approach to damping your listening room. It has been my experience, that, the smaller the room the more damping it needs. Closely timed reflections are very harmful to accurate soundstaging, and add much confusion to the sound in general. Also, midrange energy tends to pile up and add an unnatural emphasis in an undertreated room.

    What we are after is to maximize the percentage of direct sound from the loudspeakers to your listening position, and minimize the percentage of reflected sound which is unrelated to the recorded signal. There is plenty of information recorded in those grooves and pits without adding more from the room!

    Have you ever listened to a stereo system outdoors? It sounds terrific! Conceptually, it would be great if we could have a crane lift the room off of our hi fi systems and listen in a (quiet) outdor environment free of reflections. The next best thing is to minimize the room's contribution to the sound as best we can.

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    Hi Niklas,

    I guess you just HAVE to invite me for a demo next time I come to Stockholm

    Leif Arild

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    Niklas Nord

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    Niklas Nord
    Almost done

    NOW, itīs an adventure listening to all my CDīs again.
    The sound improvement os OUT OF THIS WORLD

    There is NO other way to make souch an big improvement on the overall sound, than doing some acoustic treatment.


    There will be more treatments also

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    Small rooms with parallel planes often do require the most attention to acoustic damping. A fun experiment that my brothers and I did as teenagers was to record a system with a suitable microphone and play it back on the same system. The room achoustics (among other distortions) would be exasperated on the playback and echos and problem frequencies would stick out like a sore thumb. If you performed the operation a third time, Ahh!!
    I too like the clean and dry outdoor sound especially when using direct radiating loudspeakers. The reverb or hall aspect is generally included on the recording anyway.

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    Registered User MJC's Avatar
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    Apr 2003

    Project K2 s9500 system

    I was comparing your pics of the K2 s9500 with the ones on the JBL web site. Yours looks simular to the K2 s5800. And the other models on the JBL "America" site are the 9800. JBL must be selling different K2 models in Europe compared to the ones offered here.

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    Niklas Nord
    nono, itīs the s9500

    the biggest K2 ever, if you dont count the M9500 as bigger then

    These are mine, better pics of the 300 kilo beasts

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    Hi Nicklas!

    Very impressive work/project -I hope that it will turn out to be the ultimate listening fascility for you. I never heard those JBL's, but they look promising. I've had quite a few experiences with arranging acoutics in listening rooms - rehearsing fascilities - studios and so on. The damping, measuring, tuning provides to me some sort of ultimately controlled sound. I have become some kind of "tired" of it, because the listening in those rooms became very uniform in the long run..... Not because it isn't good to listen to, but my attention was drawn too hard to "check out" if everything
    sounded like it should - I never relaxed and enjoyed. (that could well be because of my psycological nature).
    I have more and more come to that conclusion, that things sound like they do!! - (a bit difficult to explain and it maybe sounds like nonsense). If the sound is somewhat explainable (within certain limits, of course) I have no problem and I can relax and enjoy.

    Nevertheless I'm impressed by the way you put your energy into this ambitious project. I'd love to hear it.

    One last remark: Please take the photos to a higher level - I'm sure we would all like to se, what your projekt looks like and what's going on there.

    Kind regards


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    Webmaster Don McRitchie's Avatar
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    Re: Project K2 s9500 system

    Originally posted by MJC
    I was comparing your pics of the K2 s9500 with the ones on the JBL web site. Yours looks simular to the K2 s5800. And the other models on the JBL "America" site are the 9800. JBL must be selling different K2 models in Europe compared to the ones offered here.
    The K2 S9500 was the first K2 speaker with the S9800 being the most recent. It was introduced in 1989 and the last production run was in 1999. As Niklas said, the s9500 is considerably larger than the s5800 and sold for around $35,000/pr. Details are here:

    Don McRitchie

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    Senior Member Audiobeer's Avatar
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    St. Peters, Mo just west of St. Louis.
    Hell of a project and speakers. Cant wait Niklas to hear how it turns out. I have thought about the room I am billing downstairs for audio what treatments for reflective sounds I will use. The commercial stuff is very expensive!

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    Niklas Nord
    Yes, the s9500 is almost the double in weight
    than the s5800

    The work with carying the s9500 crates up to my
    apartment on floor 3, was some experiencing
    project ever!!

    yes, there will be better pictures to folow, and also
    will a measure the rooms response AND echotime,
    donīt know whatīs it called in eng.

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