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Thread: Altec Lansing Santana II speakers??

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    Altec Lansing Santana II speakers??

    Can anyone give me any info (as detailed as possible) about these speakers? I have found a pair for $99, I am interested in purchasing them but do not know very much about them. Any information would be appreciated--thank you!

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    You might try poking around on the Altec portion of the Lansing Heritage Library on this site.

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    Santana II

    I purchased a pair in 1976 for About $250 (a good price then, i think retail at the time was $250 each) They handle 75 watts.
    make nice controll room monitors if you raise and flip them. I blew the tweeters( loud monitoring of guitar) during 5 year warranty and had them replaced. I had to replace surrounds about 10 years ago. They work fiine. I may have the original brochure around somewhere. If i find it I'll post it.

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    Very nice slate-top end table speakers. My friend had a pair years ago that sounded great but kept blowing tweeters. He replaced them at least twice on both speakers.

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    those speakers are wonderful sounding things, my daughter Stacie has a pair in her system. She swears by them!!! ok she's only ten but you can garantee her ears are a lot more critcal than ours. Seriously they would be a great investment, we paid $450 AU for our pair and they really are a joy to listen to.
    Thanks for your help
    Regards Mike...................

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    Do they sound anything like Mesa Boogie amps?

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    keith kupec

    Santana II's


    Have a pair of AL Santana II's. I've been having a problem with the tweeter sounding scratchy at lower volumes. It will clear up when the volume is raised but still doesn't have the clarity it should. I replaced the two capacitors in each speaker to no avail. Noticed several posts mention blown tweeters in this model. Is there a way to verify the tweeter is bad and if they are, what type of replacement do I need? Any help appreciated...



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