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    Dr. John

    -the best of the parlophone years- My Wife and I drove down to San Diego last Tuesday, she is always picking up music that she loads into the multi-disc changer lots of times I dont even know what she has bought. This trip one of the discs was a promo of Dr. John -the best of the parlophone years- to be honest it was so catchy I must have played it 4 times, and the version of -it dont mean a thing- had me at first listen. I found the whole album to be great listening - crisp and tight!. Mark
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    I was lucky enough to see Dr John at the New Orleans Jazz Fest I had always been a big fan, he was fantastic!
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    Mac (Malcolm) Rebennack is an American National Treasure. My favorite CD of his is Zu Zu Man. Anyone else have this CD? Ain't nobody better than Dr John!

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    I think he was into Brain Salad Surgery even before Emerson, Lake, & Palmer. Probably coined the phrase.

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    The Night Tripper

    Be on the lookout for this classic from the good Dr.: Gumbo

    Includes tunes like Iko Iko, Big Chief, Mess Around

    And if you like him and native New Orleans music, check out: The Wild Tchoupitoulas self-titled LP or CD (Mango label)

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