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Thread: x10d high frequencies

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    x10d high frequencies

    Hi, I have a pair of Altec 846b Valencia and I am very enthusiast of it, but sometimes iIwould prefer an improved extension of high frequencies; so I think a pair of JBL 2405 would be the best solution. But my question is, how to cross 2405 with 807 8a , and which frequency ?

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    I use a single 1 ufd oil cap with L-pad

    Usually all that is needed is some air on top....

    JBL Pro for home use!

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    I have a pair of JBL Everest horns w/2425H drivers, X-over at 800 HZ active (24db L/R) and no cuttoff on top.

    I added 2405H in parallel, with just a 2.0 mfd capacitor in series on the positive lead for a gentle slope. It sounds good to me as is, but now that the weather is bad I hope to have time to experiment with some other cap values. The frequency is supposed to be about 9000HZ but I haven't tested it yet. I have tried 2404H too but I keep comming back to the 2405H. I may have the wrong diaphrams installed on the 2404H ?

    All of my other X-overs are active so I can't justify an amp for the tweeters alone.
    4406, 4412A, L100, L100t3 (3 pair), L1, L7, 4645C, 4660A, 4695B, SR4735 and various DIY JBL Pro loaded systems.

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