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Indeed, a great description.

I do not think, with todays goal of low costing stuff that we will ever find stuff as good as back then. Companies(even JBL) are cheaping up their stuff to a point where the sound is gravely compromised.
I wish they sold the JBL stuff they make in Japan over here, because they still make excellent stuff in Japan. Which is the last of a dying breed of excellent audio.
Its like everything else these days made for the U.S. market. They say we dont care about quality, iPod is good enough!

They say all we want is convenience easy to use items, iPod fits this description!

Top quality materials and engineering cost lots of money, and isnt condusive to manufacturing cost effective, mass produced goods.

Theres yet another side to this as well. I sometimes feel much of what was done years ago, is not known today and the skills and recipes for manufacturing what they did back then has been lost.

Years ago, things were built to work and sound a certain way, and to last a long time.

Then of course, there is the fact that they tell us what we like in that vintage sound is technically incorrect, and gremlin distortions at work. I know this happens to be true, but, certain things just sounded like music.

But mostly I feel they dont produce super high quality products that are affordable because they are making too much money selling toaster oven quality junk!

And for me, this is really very unfortunate, as I grew up in the last era of when " American Made " meant you were buying the BEST!

I must say that as I am in the process of refurbishing my vintage sound system, and its in a buisiness, and I have recently done a few things using ancient gear, you really should see the look on peoples faces when they hear great music in my place, especially considering that the audio companies tell us no one can hear the difference!

I get alot of comments from ordinary people that say otherwise!

Two statements I hear on a regular basis is " How do you get it to sound like that? " and " My God, Thats sooo Clear, its like they are right here in the room playing live " !

Gotta love capitalism!