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    Ok here it is... [DEQX]

    Hi All,

    I have had a couple of inquiries re the dual Deqx setup and my impressions of it.

    There is very little published info re setting up a dual Deqx system. I had a great deal of help from engineer, Ionwyn Buckland at Deqx. Needless to say there are several options for configuring the Deqx for 4-way operation.

    Widget has been a strong supporter of the Deqx solution for some time. As some of you know I spent several months upgrading my Westlake HRX cards to the latest revision with very positive results. Widget had suggested (on more than one occasion) I should forgo the old technology, save the $1000+ for new parts and get a Deqx. At the time 3000+ seemed like a heck of a gamble and I rejected the temptation to buy one, not to mention I needed 2 to do it properly.

    A couple of months ago I managed to pick up a Deqx with the digital output option from a fellow forum member at a reasonable price. This allowed trying it out with little financial risk if I did not like it. Low and behold a couple of weeks later I was in the right place at the right time to pick up a brand new custom dual chassis Deqx with all possible options for another good price. By the way, thanks to all the members who grabbed goodies from my hastily put together yard sale to come up with the cash for the second Deqx.

    My initial impressions of the Deqx were mixed at best. The built in automated measuring system is simply put “confusing and difficult”. The software interface is not intuitive or user friendly. I am running the system using the latest firmware and software.

    The engineers at Deqx have published a simple 2 page document on daisy chaining 2 units together for 4 and 5-way systems. The article describes a couple of different ways to configure the filters to accomplish the goal. Unfortunately they have not updated these instructions to reflect the changes in the software and firmware. In fact there are several other combinations that can be used to setup a 4-way system including a dual mono option utilizing the RS232 ports. This option has only become available with the latest firmware upgrade.

    My current setup is as follows:

    The dual chassis model is the Master PDC configured as tri-amp with L1/R1 (woofer outputs) crossed over at 250hz with 24db Linkwitz filters. This unit is set to control volume for both PDC’s.

    L2/R2 (mid bass outputs) crossed over at 1000hz with 96db Linear Phase filters.

    L3/R3 set to digital output above 1000hz going to the digital input on the second Deqx.

    The regular Deqx unit with optional digital outs is configured as follows.

    The Slave PDC is configured as single amp with optional stereo subwoofers.

    Input is the digital output from L3 and R3 of the Master PDC.

    L1/R1 set to bypass.

    L2/R2 are configured as filter’s only (deqx owners will understand) from 1000hz to 4500hz with 96db Linear Phase filters.

    L3/R3 are configured filters only from 4500hz up using 96db Linear Phase filters.

    After setting the gains on each pair of outputs I used my RTA to average frequency response throughout the room and used the built in Parametric EQ’s to correct for room anomalies. I have heard once you try parametric yada yada…’s true.

    In short this is the first setup I have heard that surpasses the old pre-amp, hrx and bss eq configuration. Hard to believe but the difference is quite dramatic. I hate to use over used terms but sometimes they say it all. Here goes……it’s like a veil was lifted. Yes, I really said that……now I will go and wash my mouth out with soap. Overall it just sounds cleaner and more dynamic . I can’t help but think it would be hard to get these sounding any better without building a room around them (coming soon).

    In closing let me say, the tweak freaks would love the Deqx. The analog section is a bit noisy when changing inputs and volume levels (annoying little click sound) but is as good as any mid to high quality stand alone SS preamp. Where these shine is first and foremost the crossover capabilities combined with fantastic parametric eq’s and very good dac’s. To bad the Eq’s can’t be set seperately left and right. They say that’s coming in a future software and firmware upgrade.

    I hope a couple of you found this useful.

    Widget, you were right

    Be well guys.
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