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Thread: JBL / Gauss / Cetec Information

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    Quote Originally Posted by edgewound View Post
    If anyone cares...

    Those co-axials are PAS (Professional Audio Systems) CXL-1580 (3" VC)...OEM'ed for UREI with a JBL 2425 driver.


    Too bad the seller doesn't really know what it is...although PAS woofers are very much like well as being very underrated.

    Great stuff made right here in SoCal.

    Unfortunately, it looks like the PAS stuff is no longer going to be made in the USA. We regularly are in contact with PAS (reconing center), and in one of our recent conversations, we found out that PAS has been bought out by a far-Eastern company... and that factory recone kits for the classic PAS drivers will NO LONGER be available.

    We've been scrambling to find appropriate third-party parts to replace these factory kits for the PAS drivers... fortunately, we've been able to sub in some other readily-available parts and keep 'em going up to very near original spec...


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    FWIW, Renkus also marketed a duplex/coaxial, their SSD-1800 1 inch HF driver on the CXL-1580 using the stock CXL horn. I believe these were also available direct from PAS without a horn driver attached.

    Notice Renkus omitted the "EV" type magnet cover and used a simple mounting bracket.

    I just cut the basic panels for boxes for this pair today.

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    There are a pair of Cetec Gauss 3588's on Gary.

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    mysterious speakers

    Bonjour à tous !
    J'ai trouvé une paire de nouveaux haut-parleurs GAUSS lors d'une recherche dans le stock de l'ancien importateur de la marque en France. Ils portent le code 3285 et ressemblent beaucoup au Gauss 3288, mais ont un cornet de 1 "qui est différent!
    Je n’ai trouvé aucune information à leur sujet ... et pourtant je suis bien documenté ... merci pour votre aide; je pense qu’ils sont très rares, si quelqu'un à une information ???
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