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Thread: Best 2226h box.

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    Best 2226h box.

    I have a thread on a swedish Forum about a box to my 2226h element.
    They shall play midbass, around 40-600hz. I know about the 4648-A box but some says i shall stay with closed box for midbass.

    Today i have 140 liter per element in closed box. But i want to have more output from it. I have search on this forum for it but i canīt find a good answer.

    regards mats

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    Two 2226's? (4508 cab...same as 4648?) or one =>(4507 cab)

    More output in what frequency range?

    Buy a bigger amp ?


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    You really need to try alternatives in a box modeling program like WinISD.

    I can't get 2226 to do much of anything basswise in a closed box. It's down 12 dB at 40 Hz in 200 l. EBP is 121. That means it's a vented box driver if you expect it to play worth a whit at 40 Hz.

    BB6P suggested box size for high output is 30 l, and even that is too large, chosen, it says, because it won't fit in anything smaller. That alignment's down 12 dB at 60 Hz.

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