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Thread: DD66000 Technical White Paper

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    DD66000 Technical White Paper

    Major Petty (Posts: 1) did it:

    To CC or to not CC..I don't know YET
    Well, the rest of us do so feel free to follow our lead...

    or not... it apparently takes all kinds to fill the freeway.

    I'll bury a version of the DD66000 white paper for everyone as promised for 13 SEP 2006 in this thread. It runs charge coupled Solen capacitors and it "works" just fine. Note the references (yet again) to the biased capacitors in this white paper. Be mindful that the gear associated with running something like a DD66000 is usually pretty "top end". In other words, leave the Marantz 2230B for the L16 Decades... scale as necessary for a 4345...

    You know the drill - Right Click - Save Target As...

    Have a great day!
    Attached Images Project Everest DD66000 Technical White Paper.pdf (726.5 KB, 13 views)
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    Nice detail on the drivers...

    A good reading indeed!

    Thanks for sharing...

    JBL Pro for home use!

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    An "augmented" two-way.

    Heh, heh....

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