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Thread: Can I turn 2450 into 2451?

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    Bill F.

    Can I turn 2450 into 2451?

    Can anyone tell me whether or not it's possible to remove the throat extensions on my 2450 drivers? I'd like to use them on 2352 horns, which are optimized for 2451 drivers (essentially, the 2450 without its snoot, right?).

    I removed the 4 allen screws that seem to hold the throat extension in place, but it didn't respond to light pulling. Is it glued, or do I just need to pull harder?

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    RE: Member when? subwoof's Avatar
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    Yes you can but there are a few caveats.

    (1) The 2450 bugscreen is domed, the 2451's are flat. Doesn't change the operation but the screen gets bent easily and will look hacked if not careful.

    (2) The 2450 "snout" does come off with a little effort but be careful you don't damage the screem. I have used MEK to soften the glue in the bottom of the throat ( where it meets the bug screen ) with good results. Use one of those small metal paintbrushes they sell for spreading woodglue and use sparingly.

    Use a small flat blade screwdriver around the outside where the "snout" meets the rubber gasket.

    (3) Once you get it off you will find there are NO mounting holes for a horn to bolt to and drilling / tapping on a powerful magnet like that one is not for the faint hearted. In addition the magnet sides are now exposed and should be sealed to prevent FOD. Meyer used a thin layer of clear silcone rubber that was painted on ( not the caulk type found in stores ). GOOD electrical tape would be fine.

    (4) JBL does sell the cap that would make this a 2451 BUT BUT you still don't have a magnet with tapped holes so it's not going to help. I tried.

    I have a pair of adapters that were made by MEYER when they bought + converted loads of 2450's for their own cabinets. They are about 1.5" thick ( to allow horn mounting screws ) and have recessed holes for attaching to the threaded holes that exist on your drivers. Screws included.

    If interested, send me a PM. Not cheap but definitely the ticket.


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    Bill F.
    Thanks, Sub!

    My units are actually from Meyer, with the treated 2441 'phragms. Is there any info out there about these? Frequency response, listening impressions, etc? I'm trying to decide whether to keep or flip them.

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    the crap in the gap is black

    Those have ferrofluid too.....

    Meyer posted a discourse on these so you might want to check their website. They since have moved on to having diaphrams made for them and it's unknown if they eq the same.

    There is a lot of silicone on those surrounds and i suspect it would limit the diaphram's travel and the fluid would reduce the HF extension..

    Give it a listen??


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