Hi All,

Saw a post on the AA Speaker forum which prompted me to think (always a dangerous thing!). I remember the L65 Jubal as an interesting speaker but sounding a bit too forward, even for a JBL, and the bass was "not quite right", a bit boomy. Is my recollection correct or what are your experiences with this particular speaker? Is it true that the Box is too small for the particular bass driver used in it?

The second thing was some L65 users had subbed the L100 woofers (any or all 3?) with much better results. They attributed that to the box being much bigger and tuned better for the L100 woofer as well as having the 12 db/octave rolloff from the crossover being helpful in reducing upper working range output from the woofer.

Since I'm not familiar with the T/S parameters of each woofer and because the L100 and L65 boxes are so different, is there any validity to this modification.

And since we're on it, what are good mods for the L65, if any?

Can they get close to my L300's?