I've purchased a pair of Sovereign S8R systems which appear to be working correctly. I haven't owned JBL drivers since the 70's (D130/075) and I'm wondering if there are any "typical" problems with the LE15A/PR15/375/075 or crossovers. The LE15's have been refoamed.

I've found a couple of interesting packages for the PC which turns a portable into a signal generator/simple spectrum analyzer; any suggestions?

The S8R's will replace my University 315-C's; I expect to drive them with an NAD 7400 receiver or possibly a dB1A preamp/
NAD 2140 power amp. Given my experience with the 315-C's (they sounded very very good driven by a pair of bridged dB-6 power amplifiers) I may tri-amplify them with a pair of 2140's on the mid and high and something bigger on the low end. A passive crossover which mimiced the JBL crossover shoudn't be hard to build, and an active crossover isn't much harder.

Mike Squires