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Thread: HPM 100..Not To Bad

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    Post HPM 100..Not To Bad

    Finally after getting some shipping damage issues fixed, these Hpm100's
    are very good, and as this and other forums stated prior to me getting
    into a vicious bidding war for them. Are they worth the $315. Yes and
    would buy another pair in a minute. As learned though my research,
    the bass will blow the covers of your furnace vents, and highs only a
    dog can hear. Very pronounced mids, which the 12" driver handles alot
    of for some reason. A VERY worthy player in the vintage monitor type
    loudspeaker, right with the L100/YAMAHA NS10M/KLIPSCH LA SCALA.
    The Rotel amp I use adds just the right amount of "crunch", as they
    seem "brighter" than the JBL's I own, all in all, a very good combo.
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    Pioneer VSX1015TX
    Musical Concepts/Hafler DH500
    Musical Concepts/Hafler DH220
    Definitive Technolgy Pro Sub
    Panasonic 46" LCD HDTV
    Monster HTS3500 Power Center

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    I bought mine for $200 a few years ago, dumped them a few months later; not impressed.

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    the hmp-100 is one pair i'll be looking for in the future. i have a pair of the smaller hpm-40's old school round woofers and they rock. after refoaming ofcoarse. they even made some hpm-30's but are very rare only seen them on ebay once. there is a pair of hpm-100's down at the record srore right now but i think he wants $600 not minty, i know i can get them cheaper than that. i personaly am dying to try the hpm-100 vs the jbl l100. that would be great fun and i would get to see who's bull sh--ing. great score they dont come that cheap on my part of town.

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    I grabbed a pristine pair from a garage sale about 20 years ago for only$30! I had oogled over them for years asa kid.I liked them, but decided to sellthem because I had too much stuff.

    I wasthrilled when someone offered me $75 for them, thinking that I more than doubledmy money.BIG MISTAKE!Back before the economic problems in 2008,they were selling regularly for $600-700 per pair.

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