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    Question McGee Electronics

    Does anyone remember this mail order speaker & electronics dealer from the 80s or so?

    What ever became of them?

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    I sure remember them. I purchased the parts and book to construct my home built speakers way back. They sold Phillips components.

    I wonder if they evolved into this?

    Clark in Peoria
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    They were in Kansas city.....I dont know where now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maron Horonzakz
    They were in Kansas city.....I dont know where now.
    Yep, they used to occupy a neat 3-sided brick building just south of downtown. Can't remember for sure, but it was around 31st and...McGee. Pretty sure that's not who's there now though. I suppose they may have gone the way of Lafayette, Allied, and the other mail-order firms of the day, either consumed and conglomerated, or sold off and abandoned. Mouser and others carry all the components, but not much in the way of kits or finished goods.

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    McGee Radio

    There was a thread that talked of their demise... I did several searches and it isn't here so it must have been on one of our earlier forums and didn't make it over during the transitions.

    I loved the place... cheesy and tacky as it was, they were seriously nice folks that would chat with you about all sorts of things. I bought quite a few drivers from them over the years. They would get close outs and pass the savings along.

    Here is the cover of the last catalog I got from them... I don't think it was the last catalog they produced... I think I moved and they lost my address.

    Their address was:

    McGee Radio & Electronics Corp.
    1901 McGee St.
    Kansas City, Missouri

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    McGee Radio Co., Kansas City 8, , Mo.

    Sitting here looking @ an HF-20 Amplifier/circa '47. Pretty simple. Roughly 11 caps (condensors), 23 resistors, 2 Xfmrs and 6 tubes (2 6L6GAs, 26C4s, 1 5U4G (Rect. tube) and 1 12AX7 (preamp, of course). Amph. & 2 RCAs in, 7 terminals out N, O, Grnd., 4, 8 , 16 , and 500 (Grnd. & 500 for field-coil). 117 VAC, rooster-head knobs (4), volume clicks on & off. Metal hull, exposed components. Sounds great for 20 watts. Came out of the old Rhyne Bros. drug store. They used it for elevator music for the customers for a hundred years. Brothers died, store demo'd, but not the amp......Check out the younger brother, Jim Rhyne (de-classified), pilot, US government, Loas, Cambodia, cicra '64, Air America...Not just hired help, either.

    Pretty sure McGee is still in business and still in Kansas City. Found thier business address and web-page a couple of years back..............

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