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Thread: This should be interesting [DEQX by two]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ian Mackenzie
    By way of example a Wilson system can be measured in room and show all sorts of response defects. But I have yet to see anyone complain about them in that they sound bad because the review graph is not perfect and tweek the response with 1/3 active eq.
    Yeah, but those speakers are for audiophiles... sorry... couldn't help myself.

    BTW: One of our own (not moi) recently traded in his Altecs, JBLs, and TADs for a Wilson system. Who knew?

    I agree about your subjective vs. objective measurement comment though. In reality the final analysis is all about the subjective quality of the system. That said the measurement tools are extremely helpful in setting up the system. As you know I have been doing a bit of amp swapping lately and setting the individual levels to a fraction of a dB and determining whether an amp inverts signal or not are not the sorts of things even a critical listener might notice right away, but may sway their subjective opinion... once you've checked to make sure that all of your amps are in phase and the settings are matching then you can subjectively evaluate without an anomalous bias.


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    I will be deemed a certified audiophile shortly.

    Eq will be taboo


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